Chinese Dota 2 Hackers Arrested Following Creation And Selling Of Cheats

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At least four Dota 2 hackers were arrested by the police after creating cheating plugins.
At least four Dota 2 hackers were arrested by the police after creating cheating plugins. Valve

The Chinese authorities were reportedly successful in arresting four Dota 2 hacker creators in the country. The individuals are believed to be profiting from plugins specifically designed to introduce cheats to the game.

According to the official report, the hackers were arrested for creating Dota 2 cheat plugins and benefiting from them. Two of these individuals have jobs at one of the country’s universities. As for the other two, they are said to be actively studying and majoring in computer science.

After creating a bunch of Dota 2 cheat plugins, the arrested individuals were able to earn almost 1 million Yuan ($140,000). They tend to sell the hacks they have created to interested players.

Unfortunately for the hackers, the Chinese government has been trying to shut game cheat creators since time immemorial. As a matter of fact, these Dota 2 hackers are expected to be put in prison for up to five years.

Interestingly, the hackers are not only being charged for the illegal activity they have performed – they are also receiving charges due to the way the cheats they created were sold. Since the cheats they made are considered illegal right from the outset, the profits they obtained were not subjected to tax. In other words, they are also being charged with tax evasion by the Chinese government.

In the report, the authorities said that their goal is to ensure Chinese players can participate in fair games. To guarantee this atmosphere, the government is hell-bent at going after all illegal tools and activities. The police also ask that players veer away from these tools and instead learn the game of Dota 2 fairly.

The police also posted footage showing the four hackers getting arrested while a policeman is commenting on the situation. The identities of the individuals are not publicly shared and their faces in the footage are blurred. It is clear, however, that the Chinese government is serious in tackling all illegal activities around video gaming.

This is not the first time that a group of Chinese hackers were arrested, though. Back in April, 15 individuals were captured by the police after they were suspected of developing cheating programs for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

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