Children Of Morta Officially Available On Steam

Fight with the family.
Fight with the family. Dead Mage

The big moment is here as Children of Morta is officially available on Steam. While the game is set on a distant land, its themes hit closer to home than one would expect. It is a story of simple emotions that we all know so well and value more than we care to admit. Emotions like love and hope, longing, uncertainty, loss, and sacrifice.

The game has players go on an adventure with an extraordinary family of heroes. As corruption starts to spread throughout the land, the guardians of the Mountain Morta need to stand up against the ancient evil. However, this is not a story about saving the universe, but instead about a family standing together as the world around them is being devoured by darkness.

Features of the game include:

  • Family Ties
    • The Bergson family is prepared and ready for the upcoming fight. Get to discover the unique fighting style of each character as well as their varying personalities. See emotions run high as as they struggle to help each other return peace to the land.
  • Inherited Talents
    • Each member of the family has a different background and expertise which results in having a diverse group of Guardians. Some members are good at close combat like slashing enemies with a sword or crushing their skulls with hammers. There are also those who attack from a distance using spells or a bow.
  • Ancestral Wisdom
    • Meet the seer of the family Grandma Margaret and the blacksmith Uncle Ben. The two are here to assist you with knowledge passed down through generations of Bergsons. Trust them with their ancient knowledge about the Way of Rea. You can also use their skills in order to boost main abilities and upgrade gear.
  • Mystical Mountain
    • For those living in Rea, the mountain is everything. It is full of history along with legends and magic. The mountain is a symbol and source of health, life, and prosperity. Get to go into the mountain and discover the mysteries inside. Learn what the corruption is all about and why it is affecting the land.
  • Ever-Changing World
    • With the world being affected by Corruption, it is constantly changing. Each play session is a unique experience as each dungeon, forest, or temple you explore is never the same.
  • Unique Art Style
    • The world comes to life with the use of hand painted pixel art and frame-by-frame animations combined with modern lighting techniques.

The game already offers Local Co-op where two players can fight together. Online Co-op is still being developed and is set to be released on a future date. If you want to give it a try, you can buy Children of Morta here.

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