Check Out This Narrated Gameplay Video For Sable, An Open World Adventure Game From Raw Fury

Due out for PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X in 2021.
Raw Fury has released a narrated gameplay video for Sable, an open-world adventure game.
Raw Fury has released a narrated gameplay video for Sable, an open-world adventure game. Raw Fury

Publisher Raw Fury and developer Shedworks have just unveiled a brand-new gameplay video for their upcoming adventure and open-world game Sable. The narrated gameplay video was shown during the publisher's time at Gamescom 2020 and runs for about two minutes. The short clip showcases some of Sable's gameplay, art style, and explains more about Sable’s story and what the player’s main goals in-game are.

Sable is labeled as a “coming-of-age tale of discovery through exploration across a strikingly rendered open world desert.” Players will assume control of Sable, a young girl looking to discover her place in the world, far from her nomadic family. With the help of her trusty hoverbike, she travels through the desert world’s dunes and ruins, meeting new people and nomadic clans and helping with their daily tasks and learning their stories. Along with that, Sable also explores the remains of long forgotten monuments, civilizations, and shipwrecks from another cosmos, and uncovers the mysteries that shroud them.

Sable was originally a small project that started in a shed in 2017 and has since grown in popularity, being featured by multiple video game news outlets such as VICE, Eurogamer, and Kotaku UK. Perhaps its most striking aspect is its usage of “ligne Claire” art style for its aesthetics, walking a thin line between realism and artistry. The game’s color palette is no slouch, too, filled with pastel colors that bring the desert landscape to life.

Gameplaywise, Sable focuses mostly on exploration and puzzle solving with the use of the main protagonist’s hoverbike that can be upgraded. Other modes of exploration are climbing ruins and land formations and gliding down from great heights using Sable’s “hovering bubble device” which can be seen in the gameplay video. Presumably, there will be multiple side-quests and stories that expand on the game’s main plot, which can be accessed by interacting with the world’s NPCs. Finally, its soundtrack will be composed by indie musician Japanese Breakfast that will help provide “chill and emotional vibes."

Sable is set to release for the Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC via Steam in 2021.

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