'Charlie the Unicorn' Final Chapter Funded on Kickstarter

charlie the unicorn
It's time to go to candy mountain one more time. YouTube

After years of anticipation, the final chapter of Charlie the Unicorn is getting made . A Kickstarter was launched yesterday titled: “Charlie the Unicorn: The Grand Finale” by creator Jason Steele. As of right now the Kickstarter has been funded and has raised almost $65,000, nearly double the original goal.

Steele says that Charlie was always meant to be a 5-part series, and he wants to do the last one right. The finale will be 30 minutes long, longer than all the previous Charlie the Unicorn videos combined. Episodes two to four each took over three months to make, and he expects the final one to take at least a year. The money raised will go towards living expenses, so that he can devote all his time to creating something great.

Steele doesn’t have any stretch goals for this Kickstarter, but with the extra money he plans to hire more animators, get better equipment, and maybe even have Aubrey Plaza voice the whole thing (though the last one seems more like a joke.) Steele has been producing animated content on YouTube for years, under the username TopCow. Some of his most famous videos include: “Llamas with Hats” and my personal favorite “ Merlin Fish reacts to the Fine Brothers .”  

The first episode of Charlie the Unicorn debuted in 2005 on Newgrounds and became an overnight sensation. The plot of each episode revolved around Charlie getting pestered by two unicorns, one pink and one blue. I remember sending the link to all my friends, looking down on anyone who didn’t know about the magical liopleurodon. I grew up with this series, singing each episode’s song for days after watching. I still find myself blurting out “Starfish loves you” from time to time.

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