CES 2017: Nvidia ‘GeForce Now’ Game Streaming Service Turns Old PCs Into Powerful Gaming Rigs

Nvidia GeForce Now
Nvidia GeForce Now Nvidia

Nvidia announced its latest GeForce Now service during its CES 2017 keynote. Tailored for low powered laptops and older desktop computers. Nvidia's new service is a game changer for recreational gamers that are just short of the hardware necessary to play hardcore video games.

GeForce Now is a gaming streaming service, similar to the PlayStation Now gaming stream service. It’s cloud-based and can turn any PC or Mac into a powerful gaming rig with just one click.

With latency refined, GeForce Now makes your PC game ready within seconds and even has a Steam app which takes a few seconds to load up and download games. The new service allows for top notch on-demand PC gaming.

GeForce Now will be available for early users in March and will also cost $25 for 20 hours of play. The allotted 20 hours may or may not seem like much. However, gamers that aren’t necessarily completionists may still be able to complete a single-player campaign within the time slot and it is still less expensive than upgrading to a high-end rig.

Catch more details about Nvidia’s CES keynote on iDigital Times and Nvidia’s blog.

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