Cepheus Protocol: Weapons Can Now Deal Critical Damage in Patch

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Developer Halcyon Winds launched a pretty beefy update for Cepheus Protocol not long ago. Patch implements a lot of bug fixes, but there are some notable gameplay changes as well.

One of the things that players will notice is that weapons in Cepheus Protocol can now deal critical damage. This is pretty useful when eliminating those who are infected by the deadly Pangu Virus because players can potentially deal as much as twice the damage in just one shot.

Do keep in mind that the chance to deal critical damage is different depending on the weapon used. The company also said that it is going to add weapon attachments in the future. Hopefully, some of them can help improve a weapon’s critical strike chance.

This update also brought some improvements to helicopters. For instance, helicopters are now able to maneuver their way through narrow passages, thanks to the changes made to their “building avoidance” logic.

Patch Notes

  • Cassandra Yates starting operator added to replace the "default" one. We will be rolling out more variations over the next few weeks. Customization will still be a long-term goal
  • Operator Movement and Camera Controls vastly improved
  • Operator Crouch system revised
  • Operator Melee revised to be more effective (Middle mouse button)
  • Increased grace area for constructing the Chelsey/LT hives (since in one test a hive landed smack dab on a bridge in such a way that it blocked traffic successfully)
  • Improved safety fix for buildings unfolding when loading saves, to make sure they don't "stay folded" in some situations
  • Mission Objective widget adjusted its show/hide animations to be a bit more effective
  • Made several improvements to Attack Move handling. Should no longer "lock up" if you issue an attack move order to units already in an Attack Move order if said units are also in Run Mode
    • Similarly, ordering an Attack Move on currently-running units should now properly stop them (though it may take a moment for them to rotate to target if already in combat range: better response than before, however)
  • Medics no longer uses a glowing yellow animation to indicate status, but simply changes the icon to Yellow if a status is in effect (to save performance), too
  • Animation mirroring is now working when you shift the player camera from shoulder to shoulder
  • Fixed units not properly marking themselves as not being recently rendered if they're spawned or loaded as visible in-world, but not currently in front of the camera
  • Updated vehicle AI to always update turret rotation to target instead of only when we're not already facing it
  • Shooting logic should be much the same for most units, but the Shawnee now will no longer be able to fire its Rocket Pods unless facing the target (its 30mm however is much more able to rotate and shoot as needed)
  • All units have had their focus logic completely rewritten to resolve instances where they look in the wrong direction consistently.
  • Helicopters should no longer fly sideways or other nonsense

Cepheus Protocol Patch is available on PC.

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