Cepheus Protocol Update New Roadmap Launched, Merch Store, and Bug Fixes

Cepheus Protocol
Cepheus Protocol Steam

Cepheus Protocol recently received an update that introduced a roadmap system for players to follow the developers, a new merch store to support the dev team, and multiple bug fixes.


The developers introduced a new roadmap system for players to see the future of the game. The dedicated website will contain all the new features the devs are working on each patch. So, players who want to stay up to date can go here.

Merch Store

The Halcyon Winds Store is now live. The store contains stuff like hoodies, posters, phone cases, stickers, and more. The profit will support content development and team expansion.

Cepheus Protocol Update

  • Fixed an issue with the Idle Engineer button not properly allowing movement commands if you use it to select an idle engineer
  • Improved checks for showing the Idle Engineer button to prevent some situations where it may permanently become unavailable
  • Fixed up the SHIFT keybinds not working (return to mouse rotate/flip wall, for example)
  • Fixed slow motion not deactivating during the transition to Operator when toggling to the Operator (it would properly “turn off” when the transition completed, but that's not nearly early enough)
  • Fixed the Capture Truck's “unit icon” erroneously switching to “deployed mode” if you try to deploy it in a fully-infected zone
  • Improved the unit's Overhead Widget to also respect “unit icon” changes (the Unit Card already did this, but the overhead widget did not)
  • Improved “Are you sure you want to destroy/refund” popup text querying to be more accurate
  • Fixed the “building” Damage Resist type having immunity to melee attacks
  • Adjusted the Generator's interaction points on its corners to hopefully prevent infected swinging “too wide” and just missing
  • Various Main Menu scene optimizations and fixes to improve performance
  • Improved weapon-hiding handling to use a “Check” function in more areas (rather than just flatly trying to manually hide/unhide at certain times). This helped track down a toggle that didn't need to occur, which was causing civilians (and the new armed Chelsey LTs) to sometimes appear to be holding no weapon, even when they had one
  • Implemented a fix for the FormationMoveHandler breaking patrol orders that consist of only one unit
  • Improved Building “radial spawn” logic to do a trace+height check on the spawn location, to try to prevent spawning units too high/low (such as on buildings, on the Power Plant island)
  • Fixed unit's “overhead widgets” displaying empty reserve ammo as 600

You can read more about the update here.

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