Century: Age of Ashes PS5 and PS4 Release Date Set for July 19; Now Available on Xbox One

The game was first released on Xbox Series consoles and PC earlier this March.
Century: Age of Ashes is all set for its PS5 and PS4 release this July 19, with the Xbox One version also going live today.
Century: Age of Ashes is all set for its PS5 and PS4 release this July 19, with the Xbox One version also going live today. Playwing

Developer and publisher Playwing has confirmed a July 19 release date for Century: Age of Ashes on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, in addition to finally releasing the game on Xbox One today. The free-to-play multiplayer dragon battle title first took flight in the gaming world via Xbox Series consoles and PC via Steam this March 10, 2022. To celebrate the impending PlayStation console release, Playwing revealed a new trailer which you can check out below.

As a multiplayer free-to-play title, Century: Age of Ashes utilizes seasonal content. Ahead of the launch on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, Playwing recently unveiled Season 1: A Shadow Over Skeld, which is now available on Xbox and PC. Below are some of the features added to Century: Age of Ashes as the game finally hit its very first season:

  • A new character class
  • A new map, The Valkurian Sanctuary
  • A new leveling system called the Dragon Pass, which offers more than 70 rewards
  • A rich narrative arc that will unfold in 7 Tomes
  • New seasonal events
  • New user interface
  • New Ranked Season
  • Implementation of additional core gameplay features such as Dodge, etc.

Century: Age of Ashes features a multitude of game modes from 3v3 up to 6v6 battles. You can play by yourself through a solo experience or with other friends in various exciting game modes like:

  • Carnage – a 6v6 elimination-style battle, utilizing special power-ups in the arena. Think of it as Team Deathmatch, but with Dragons.
  • Gates of Fire – CTF (capture the flag) for Century: Age of Ashes. This one tasks you and your team to clash over a flag and race it through special gates to score over your opponents.
  • Spoils of War – a PvPvE experience in which you steal gold from both NPC creatures and the enemy team while protecting your own horde of gold.
  • Survival – a free-for-all rumble where you are pitted against 8 other players. The only objective: survive.

With four unique classes available, Century: Age of Ashes challenges players to make the best use of each of their special skills and abilities. Various customization options are also available, some of which are unlocked normally as you play through the game and others through additional purchasable content.

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