Cave Digger 2 November 24 Update: New Features and Bug Fixes

Cave Digger 2 November 24 Update
Cave Digger 2 November 24 Update Steam

Cave Digger 2 received a major update focused on new additions and bug fixes. The developers have also made minor tweaks and introduced new endings.

Run Generators

The developers have added run generators to help players decide the perils found in the mines deep below. Now, the elevator has a run generator that lets players roll for run modifiers before entering the mines. This gives them some degree of control over prospecting work while searching for riches.

Drone Construct

The latest update introduced a new enemy stalking the caves. These are Drone Constructs or ancient devices that shoot plasma blasts and remain cloaked until players step too close. As guardians of the Eerie Ruins, they protect the mysterious halls and caverns from intruders.

Cave Digger 2 November 24 Update

New Gameplay Additions
  • Added Miner Chompy to help the player dig and loot.
  • Added Punk Chompy to cause random havoc.
  • Added Hellraiser Chompy to haunt the player.
  • Expanded Sister Chompy to heal and rez the player.
  • Expanded Frontier Chompy to help the player in combat.
  • Added Drone enemy.
  • Added environmental hazards.
  • Added an intro.
  • Added 12 new cosmetics.
  • Added Chompy codex.
  • Redid the tutorial.
  • Added re-rollable run roller to display what kind of run is coming.
  • Dynamite now opens diggingspots.
  • Added joy-up for teleporting.
  • Added rope sliding with hands.
New Endings
  • Added the Meteor ending.
  • Added the Cold, cold North ending.
  • Added 64 new Clayton voice lines.
  • Added "Different Endings" song by The Heatons.
  • Tweaked mining look and feel.
  • Added localized posters.
Minor Tweaks
  • Dynamite amounts set to dynamite level.
  • Reduced move speed in water.
Bug Fixes and Visual Changes
  • Fixed camera on PiMax headsets.
  • Fixed lots of bugging props.
  • Frogger ending fixes.
  • Added distance checks to enemy specific voicelines.
  • Disable workers glove when in menu.
  • Removed popup follow.
  • Fixed loot pools errand.
  • Fixed abandon button not sometimes working.
  • Fixed lootgrinder sometimes losing loots.
  • Re-textured cabin inside and outside.
  • Added underwater vfx.
  • Added environment particles in the Coral biome.
  • Trigger saved achievements on start.
  • Better prop destruction vfx.
  • Fixed monsters spawning inside some terrain.
  • Fixed detector arrow not pointing at hotspots.
  • Fixed loot not spawning in Eerie Ruins topworld.
  • Fixed topworld music not playing after changing location.
  • Fixed too big water splashes.

You can read more about it here.

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