Carrion 1.0.3 Patch Notes: First Update Adds Level Design Improvements, Bug Fixes And More

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Phobia Game Studio, the developer of horror game Carrion, has introduced some general fixes for the game along with some level design changes and some enhancements for custom level creation. Since this is the first update, the developers focused on fixing the most important issues and improving the quality of Carrion by making some level design improvements such as fixing the intro to rivets in the nuclear plant.

Carrion 1.0.3 Patch Notes

You can find the patch notes below:


  • Fix: linking to glibc 2.2.5 on Linux (instead of glibc 2.27)
  • Fix: the prehensile tentacle is no longer able to keep grabbing switches through walls
  • Fix: the prehensile tentacle is now unable to keep grabbing objects while traversing through background doors
  • Fix: more windowy windows
  • Fix: KO translation for "Deposit biomass"
  • Fix: crash caused by some controls being bound to "None"
  • Enhancement: power nodes cannot be grabbed while they are inactive/charging

Level Design:

  • Fix: First Flashback Sequence softlock
  • Fix: Frontier - Highlands minor geometry bug
  • Fix: missing ladder pieces added in Bunker
  • Fix Leviathan Reef Base - Bridge Arachnoptysis puzzle skip
  • Fix: Leviathan Reef Base - Bridge Parasitism puzzle softlock
  • Fix: Relith Science HQ Parasitism puzzle softlock
  • Fix: a rare bug that prevented backtracking through Botanical Gardens
  • Enhancement: a smoother introduction to rivets in Nuclear Power Plant
  • Enhancement: power nodes remain inactive before obtaining the Photokinesis skill

Custom Level Creation:

  • Enhancement: it's now possible to load a level on startup with the following command line argument: carrion -level level_name
  • Enhancement: the "editor" mode (edit_level level_name) hot-reloads the level upon detecting any change in the level/script file
  • Enhancement: the console hotkey can be rebound in the config file
  • Enhancement: the .png version of the "tiles" texture is shipped alongside the game
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