Captain of Industry: Job and Logistics Improvements Implemented in Patch v0.4.9

Captain of Industry
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Captain of Industry is a colony and factory simulation game where you assign your loyal crew to build an industrial empire from an abandoned island. There are so many things that can be done in this game. You can construct buildings, manage factories, mine raw resources, and of course, take care of your settlement.

A bunch of improvements have been implemented in Patch v0.4.9 for Captain of Industry. One of the most notable is that construction/deconstruction jobs are now grouped into batches, which reduces the trips that your trucks have to make significantly. Speaking of trucks, those that are signed specifically to your storage facilities now have a job priority over non-assigned trucks.

Another major improvement is that vehicles are now distributed well between multiple entities. This helps prevent cases where it was hard to balance large high-priority storages that resulted in the island’s logistics getting choked.

You can read the other changes in Patch v0.4.9 below:

  • Added in-game calculator to the search field and game console.
  • Changed logistics rules to allow exporting from storages even if they have an import slider active and the inventory is above the slider amount. Similar behavior applies to the export slider.
  • Added an option to disable import routes exclusivity so that storages with active import routes can also accept products from non-assigned sources.
  • Assigning of vehicles (for example to storage or mine tower) now prefers non-paused ones.
  • Improved refueling priorities (storage export priority is no longer used to find a fuel source).
  • Improved vehicle queueing for storages and gas stations that were causing low throughput. Vehicles can still be served one at a time but they no longer waste time by forming a queue.
  • Logistics overview window now shows assigned vehicles for tree harvesting and buildings.
  • Cargo ships now depart only when empty and when they can get full load (if possible based on the max capacity of the world resource).
  • It is now possible to force-depart a cargo ship for an emergency delivery.
  • Cargo ship UI now shows available quantities to pick up in the world.
  • Cargo ship depot modules now show their throughput in the UI.
  • Updated Unity to version 2021 LTS. This may help fix some crashes and issues with compatibility.
  • Removed tree animations, resulting in up to a 30% increase in FPS (based on the number of trees on the screen).
  • Clicking a machine (to open an inspector) will show its I/O icons and ports like in build mode.

Captain of Industry Patch v0.4.9 is available on PC.

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