Capcom Fighting Collection September 27 Update Brings New Features, Patch Notes Here

Capcom Fighting Collection
Capcom Fighting Collection Capcom

Capcom Fighting Collection received a major update yesterday. The patch brought tons of new features to several games, along with numerous bug fixes and improvements.

In Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo, the game’s EX Settings received a new “Gem Colors” option. You can now choose between six different alternate palettes, along with the original palette of gem colors. Entering a standby search if one game is selected will put you in a match faster than before. Players now have the option to use the “Shuffled Slideshow” feature in the gallery.

Check out the rest of the changes below.

Hyper Street Fighter II
  • A new "Difficulty Table" option was added to the game's EX Settings. You can choose between a CPU opponent difficulty table based on the English version or the Japanese version.
Display Filter/Display Size
  • “Type H” has been added to the display filter options. You can also now preview the game screen when adjusting the options for the display filter and display size.
Capcom Fighting Collection Update: Darkstalkers
  • Phobos: Fixed an issue where KO-ing an opponent with Circuit Scrapper would sometimes not transition into a victory pose. (This is a bug from the original game.)
Vampire Savior/Vampire Hunter 2/Vampire Savior 2
  • Fixed an issue where selecting TURBO would set the speed to NORMAL even when the speed select option was set to “Free Select” options 1 through 3.Super Gem Fighter
  • Fixed an issue where the game speed would be set to 1 when the speed select option was set to “Free Select,” no matter what selection was made.
Capcom Fighting Collection Update: Custom Match Lobby Searches
  • Lobbies where a match is in progress will now show up in the search results. Joining one of these lobbies will prompt a waiting message, and you’ll be able to join the lobby as soon as the current game ends and the players.
  • Fixed an issue that caused unintentional audio bugs during rollbacks.
Casual and Ranked Matches
  • You can now play up to 10 rematches in casual and ranked matches (up from 3).
  • Each player’s online ID now displays on-screen during matches.
Super Gem Fighter/Hyper Street Fighter II/Red Earth
  • The attack data display on the training mode screen now also shows stun data.
Capcom Fighting Collection Update: Vampire Savior/ Vampire Hunter 2/ Vampire Savior 2
  • A “Dark Force” option is now available in training mode. You can select from normal behavior or infinite Dark Force gauge.
Vampire Savior/Vampire Savior 2
  • A “Gloomy Puppet Show” option is now available in training mode. You can choose from normal (random) behavior for the move or lock it to any of the 6 different patterns.
Super Gem Fighter
  • A “Gem Level” option is now available in training mode. You can choose from normal behavior or lock any gem to a level from 1 to 3.
Red Earth
  • A “Character Level” option is now available in training mode.
  • Both bonus stages have been added to the stage select in boss training mode.
  • The pre-match intro no longer plays when restarting the match.
Capcom Fighting Collection Update: Hyper Street Fighter II
  • The background design in E. Honda’s stage, “JAPAN(E.Honda),” has been updated.
  • Other minor bug fixes have been made.

The complete changelog is available on the official site.

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