Can CBD Make You Better at eSports? Benefits & Research

cbd and esports gaming
cbd and esports gaming cbd

CBD has become so mainstream that it’s now a household name. It’s impossible to go online without reading about CBD or hearing about its benefits from some of your close friends. With CBD’s rising popularity as a health supplement, it’s no wonder that this cannabinoid has also invaded the eSports world.

But CBD and eSports? Why would gamers use CBD, anyway? What can they get from CBD?

The World of a Gamer

For many gamers, particularly professionals, eSports aren’t just games that they enjoy playing during their free time. It is a way of life, a passion, and a career they can build on. In fact, some pro-gamers earn million-dollar prizes from tournaments. Surprising, isn’t it?

But eSports as a career is not without its own obstacles. Truth be told, the world of a gamer can be just as harsh and stressful as other professions. It may even be harder. After all, some of the very people who first oppose their chosen career are the ones they love. Most parents and even partners don’t recognize eSports as a legitimate profession.

In addition to this, there’s also the pressure from the tournaments themselves as well as their own teams. These tournaments are very competitive, and the players (and even their own teammates) can become pretty aggressive. The stress it creates can rival that of professional athletes.

Stress isn’t the only thing that affects gamers though. To become a successful eSports gamer, one should not only have passion, perseverance, and discipline but should also have a focused and sharp mind. They should also have an open mind to learn from others and patience to practice and perfect what they’ve learned. More importantly, they should know how to get along with their peers.

So, no. The world of a professional eSports gamer isn’t all fun and games. It can be just as hard and competitive. If players can’t balance all these things together, not only can it affect their career but their health and personal lives as well.

Health Problems Related to eSports Gamers

Similar to other sports, eSports also carry health risks. Gamers are at risk of developing:

● Carpal tunnel syndrome, a wrist injury caused by repetitive wrist motions. Symptoms include weakness, numbness, and painful tingling sensation in the hand.

● Pneumothorax or collapsed lungs caused by poor posture. Symptoms include painful chest, back, and shoulders. It is often accompanied by breathing difficulties.

● Chronic stress, mental fatigue, depression, and early burnout caused by peer pressure, pressure at home, and pressure from the games and tournaments.

● Nutritional deficiencies and poor overall health caused by skipping meals, poor diet, lack of exercise, and lack of sleep.

● Bad habits like drugs. Some eSports gamers take drugs to enhance their focus and improve their performance.

These bring us to CBD and its benefits.


CBD and eSports Gamers

The endocannabinoid system regulates many physiological responses – from pain, sleep, and appetite to focus, mood, and emotions. But physical, mental, and emotional stressors significantly impact how the endocannabinoid system normally functions, resulting in symptoms.

Now, CBD boosts the endocannabinoid system, helps it function better, and offers symptom relief. This is how eSports gamers also benefit from CBD. It reduces the health risks associated with eSports.

CBD helps decrease pain, and it also eases stress and anxiety as well as promotes restful sleep. CBD also has an effect on cognitive responses. According to a study, CBD can help improve cognitive functions. CBD also makes people feel more alert and energized.

Compared to focus-enhancing drugs, CBD boosts the mind and body without putting the gamer’s health at risk.

Is Using CBD in eSports allowed?

In 2015, Electronic Sports League banned the use of cannabis and its derivatives (including CBD) during tournaments. This was in accordance with the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) rules regarding illicit drug use, which the ESL follows. Gamers were prohibited from using cannabis and even nonpsychoactive CBD from the start of the competition to the last day of the tournament. The organization believed that CBD gave gamers an unfair advantage over other players during tournaments.

However, in 2019, WADA amended their rules and exempted CBD. Players are now allowed to consume CBD products during sports and tournaments. Of note, participants of competitions and tournaments are subjected to undergo a random drug test. According to Gold Bee’s founder Charline J. Favela, if the CBD product contains THC, even the slightest amount (like full spectrum CBD products) the gamer might test positive for THC and its metabolites, particularly THC-COOH.

Outside tournaments and competitions though, the ESL explains that gamers are free to consume cannabis.

Final Thoughts

Can CBD make eSports gamers better?

In addition to relieving symptoms, CBD has properties that can help enhance a gamer’s focus and concentration. Similar to terpenes, it is a safe cannabinoid that is nonpsychoactive, nontoxic, and non-addictive. It also won’t get gamers high or affect their reflexes and concentration.

According to the WADA rules which the ESL follows, players are allowed to consume CBD during tournaments, provided that it doesn’t contain any THC.

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