Call of Duty Warzone September 2 Update: Last Call Mode Tweaks, QoL Changes, and More

Call of Duty Warzone
Call of Duty Warzone Activision

If you were looking for a reason to play Call of Duty Warzone again, well, here’s your chance. The developer released a small update recently that brought balancing changes, Last Call mode tweaks, and a handful of bug fixes.

The patch made some changes to Operation: Last Call Adjustments, a limited-time mode till September 14. The event tokens now reward 200 points instead of 100. Players can also purchase Bombs and Defuse Kits via the Buy Station.

You can check out the rest of the changes below.

We've seen positive reactions to the "8-Bit Warfare" Mastercraft Bundle and the included "NOCLIP" EX1 (VG) Blueprint. That said, we’ve also heard feedback that Players have found the overlaid, low-framerate retro gaming filter to be overwhelming and, in some cases, even causing nausea. We have therefore made a change to remove this filter so that the Blueprint still looks 8-bit but plays like a glorious modern-day Weapon.
  • Supply Box UAV Adjustment
    • Removed Resurgence Supply Boxes from appearing on Supply Box UAV scans to focus the scan on the best Supply Boxes.
  • Gas Mask Adjustments
    • Gas Masks will now appear in the first slot of the Quick Inventory Menu for easier access during engagements for players using the Manual Gas Mask toggle.
    • Improved Manual Gas Mask text in the settings menu to better detail how players manually equip the Gas Mask.
  • Fixed additional collision issues with various elements across Caldera/Fortune's Keep allowing Players to exploit/peek/shoot through them.
  • Fixed an issue causing the idle/unlooted sound effect of Event tokens to be louder than intended.
  • Fixed an issue with Operation: Last Call causing the incorrect victory banner to appear if a team wins during overtime.
  • Fixed an issue preventing Field Upgrades and Equipment from being destroyed when placed in lava.
  • Fixed an issue causing the Serpentine Perk icon to appear even if the Player was not under the effects of it.
Perk Adjustments
  • Serpentine
    • Serpentine is now only active while in Tactical Sprint.

You can read the complete patch notes via the official site.

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