Call of Duty Mobile: Here's What To Expect From Activision's Mobile Title

Loadouts, advanced settings, scorestreaks - everything you need in a mobile shooter title.
Activision releases a preview for Call of Duty Mobile.
Activision releases a preview for Call of Duty Mobile. Activision

With the first regional beta tests on the way sometime in the near future, Activision has released some fresh new information on Call of Duty Mobile. Activision lists some of the things we can expect from the title, as well as a general preview of what’s awaiting players that successfully managed to join the beta tests.

First off, Activision confirms that multiplayer isn’t the only mode to be made available for Call of Duty Mobile, and the publisher encouraged players to check back with their official outlets to know more about the title once news finally drops. Of course, we will be covering those as well, so be sure to check in with us, too.

Here are some of the aspects talked about in the official Call of Duty Mobile preview.

Main Menu Functionality

A general overview of the main menu was detailed, and it seems to place a greater focus on multiplayer elements, allowing you to check messages and invites from other people, find and add your in-game friends, look for other players from recent games, and of course message them via in-game chat.

Control Settings

The control settings allow a greater degree of freedom in customizing how you play than most other FPS games on mobile. Sensitivity options, gyroscope aiming functions, and even camera FOV (field of vision) – these are just some of the options available to you to fully customize the way you play.

You will also get to choose between ‘Simple Mode’ and ‘Advanced Mode’, which tailors to two different playstyles:

  • Simple mode allows your weapon fully automatic fire whenever your crosshair focuses on an enemy. Sounds good on paper, until you realize how many bullets it eats up.
  • Advanced mode allows for more subtleties across different weapon types, which you can set up manually.

The HUD is fully customizable, with almost every single aspect movable to a position you’re comfortable with. Call of Duty Mobile also has 17 different sliders for aiming sensitivity, which is amazing for a mobile shooter game.


It’s not Call of Duty if there aren’t any streak kill special rewards, and Call of Duty Mobile isn’t different. Before every match, you get to choose from a variety of scorestreaks including the Recon Car, UAV, Hunter Killer Drone, Air Supply Drop, Counter UAV, Missile Strike, Drone, Sentry Gun, SAM Turret, Stealth Chopper, and VTOL.


Every good multiplayer title has loadouts, and Call of Duty Mobile has one of the most intuitive one for mobile games. The loadout consists of:

  • Primary weapon with optics plus three attachments
  • Secondary weapon with optics plus three attachments
  • Grenades
  • Weapon skills, similar to the ones found in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4
  • Three perks to choose from (Fast recover, Ghost and Demo expert)

You also get to choose your pick of characters in the loadout screen. All available characters are veterans of the Call of Duty series, and if those don’t appeal to you, you can always pick a merc to customize with headgear, backpacks and clothing. Here are six of the veteran characters coming in Call of Duty Mobile:

  • Alex Mason, the CIA operative, special agent, and Marine Force Recon Captain (retired), from the Call of Duty: Black Ops franchise.
  • David “Section” Mason, son of Alex Mason, SEAL Team member and J-SOC Commander from Call of Duty: Black Ops II.
  • Thomas A. Merrick, a Captain, former Navy SEAL, and Commander of the Ghosts, from Call of Duty: Ghosts.
  • Simon “Ghost” Riley, the skull-textured, balaclava-wearing British special forces lieutenant from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.
  • John “Soap” MacTavish, the British special forces demolitions and sniping expert from the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare franchise.
  • John Price, the special forces captain with the Bravo Six alias from the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare franchise.

Game modes

Activision also announced new game modes for all players to enjoy. These are available for matches, rank matches and private matches.

  • Free-For-All: The classic every-player-for-themselves deathmatch.
  • Frontline: After spawning at a team base, defeat players on the opposing team.
  • Team Deathmatch: The classic defeat-players-on-the-opposing-team mode.
  • Hardpoint: Capture and hold the hardpoint to earn points.
  • Domination: Capture and hold the designated positions to gain points.

For a more detailed preview of what you can expect from Call of Duty Mobile, you can check out the page here. Pre-registration is still open to those interested in joining the beta as well, and you can sign up for that here.

Call of Duty Mobile is set to be released some time in the near future for iOS and Android devices.

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