Call to Arms: Gates of Hell Update 22 Adds Domination Game Mode

Domination Game Mode
Domination Game Mode Steam

A new game mode is now available in Call to Arms: Gates of Hell. Update 22 also brings new units to the battlefield, along with other exciting changes.

New Game Mode

Domination is the latest game mode in Call to Arms: Gates of Hell. The main objective here is to defend your forward outpost and deal as much damage to the enemy as possible. You can use engineers to fortify your outpost as well.

This is a very flexible and dynamic game mode because secondary objectives will also be available as the battle continues. These new objectives may prompt you to advance into other areas on the map. Even though you can stay close to your outpost and use a more defensive approach, completing the secondary objectives will reward you with additional MP (manpower) points, which you can use to buy units. As the saying goes, fortune favors the bold.

You can read more about the new game mode here.

Aside from that, some improvements have been implemented. For example, the accuracy of the StuG 3 Ausf.B’s main gun has been increased.


  • 2v2 Suburbs
  • 3v3 Factory
  • Ba-10
  • New Model for T28
  • BT-7A
  • Sdkfz 250/3
  • Sdkfz 250/11
  • 2.8cm Pzb41
  • Added platform for Unit Formations (Line abreast formation is the only one for now)
  • Added new terrain types: Thick Forest (all units except infantry are blocked) and Slope (greatly reduced mobility).
  • Added 3 smoke shells to StuG 3 Ausf.B inventory
  • Added new overhead helper icons for small arms AT weapons (currently in easy and normal difficulty offline)
  • Added many new squad overhead icon types for easier readability and a better understanding of specific units
  • Added that mid and late war periods are labeled with the historical years they belong to
  • Added missing hatch and door sounds to new vehicles
  • Added rear smoke generator to the Stu.IG. 33B
  • Added a second HE (high-explosive) ammo for the German 105 and gave it to the StuH42. The StuH can shoot both but will come equipped with the new one Not tagged to be the priority over AP and HEAT shells
  • Added passenger seats to BT5 and BT2 Tanks
  • Infantry cover in trenches to be more natural and friendly for the player
  • Minimap style for more realistic cartography and easier readability
  • Penetration stats of 76mm_kt26 to be of shrapnel shell (T-28, BT7A)
  • Ranges for direct-fire tank guns: Reduced the difference in max range between the most powerful guns and the least, in order to soften the capability gap in tank combat between tanks of different technology tiers. Medium tanks can come closer to counter heavies more effectively
  • Multiplayer flag points with ammo resupply zones to resupply all ammo types and not just small arms

The full patch notes can be found on Call to Arms: Gates of Hell’s official Steam page.

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