Call to Arms: Gates of Hell Update 17 Adds New Units and Maps

Call to Arms: Gates of Hell
Call to Arms: Gates of Hell Steam

Barbedwire Studios has launched the latest content update for Call to Arms: Gates of Hell. Update 17 has plenty to offer, including new multiplayer maps, improved human models that visually change depending on the season, and new tanks and vehicles.

The human units on the battlefield will now wear the appropriate attire depending on the season set before the match begins. For example, if you happen to engage in a winter map, the soldiers will be wearing winter skins.

Because there is now a lend-lease doctrine for the Soviet late war, there are new units that you can utilize at your disposal. Some of them are the Soviet ISU-122S, BM-31-12, MMG Carrier, and M3A1E3 Scout Car Transport.

To make things even more interesting, a “crew stun” mechanic has been added to the game. This will stun the crew members of car and truck class vehicles when they take blast or pierce damage.

New multiplayer maps can be expected, including the 4v4 Dubovka, 2v2 Courtyard, or if you want to engage in a bout against another person, there is the 1v1 Crossing PvP available to you as well.

It is important to note that the wealth of new stuff is part of the game’s Content Update 2.

Update 17 Highlights

  • Added new mesh-texmod feature. The winter skins can change entire meshes and not just textures
  • Added ability to change the spacing between covers of your soldiers by click-and-drag when selecting your soldiers to go to cover. This avoids soldiers bunching up
  • Added new fuel tank damage fx and death interactions to cars and trucks. You can now target external car fuel tanks
  • Added new gun-sights for British vehicles
  • Added 50-caliber M2, along with new sounds and muzzle effect for it
  • Added new campaign mission for Germany: Krasny Bor
  • Added new campaign mission for USSR: Courland pocket
  • Updated AI targeting logic: Player-controlled guns won't switch to HE to attack infantry, unless it's already loaded in the chamber
  • Updated Improved AI's selection of cannon ammo for various targets
  • Updated Mortar and Cannon HE shells blast damage and radius formula to account for shell weight and filler amount
  • Fixed several cars and trucks equipped with guns, having the incorrect target class. Should result in improved AI targeting of these vehicles
  • Fixed cannon state sync on multiplayer
  • Fixed refueling on multiplayer
  • Reduced durability of car and truck armor ~20%

You can learn more about Update 17 by heading to the game’s official Steam page.

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