Buoyancy Update v3.0.1220 Martin Removed, Bug Fixes, and More

Buoyancy Update v3.0.1220
Buoyancy Update v3.0.1220 steam

Devs on a Boat, the developer of city-building strategy game Buoyancy , released a new update. It fixed tons of issues and made some changes to the game. The latest addition is the Hot Air balloon. It even gives plastic and unlucky corpses as part of the collectible resources.

The addition of more floating cities makes it worthwhile to explore. And don’t forget, two new languages are now supported: French and German. But the bug fixes completely removed Martin from the game.

Buoyancy Update v3.0.1220


  • New Hot Air Balloon asset
  • Crashed Balloon collectible resource (gives plastic and 1 unlucky corpse)
  • French translation updated (thanks Yves)
  • German translation updated (not 100%)
  • Toggle in the buildings menu to show buildings built that are same type when hovered
  • Ctrl + Scroll wheel will cycle between command/upgrade tools
  • Placeable objects system (in Build Menu, Objects tab)
  • Lamp posts removed from most platforms
  • Placeable Lights (lamps, firepits) sources give small Happiness to passing villagers during night time
  • Other Placeables give small Happiness to passing villagers during day time
  • Placeable Walls
  • Reduced Decay firestart chances, decay amount from fire, lightning decay amount, daily decay amounts
  • Decay repaired per resource changed 2 -> 8
  • Villager fire fighting strength increased
  • Combat UI buttons moved to top of screen
  • Can use UI menus during combat now
  • Some more floating cities
  • Destroyed Floating Cities can respawn if no more left (except cities with Wonders)
  • Quantity of resources increased in resource nodes (fish, kelp, ships, etc)

Bugs Fixed:

  • Lucky villager not selected for Hot Air Balloon ride
  • Hot Air Balloon marker lines suck
  • Rower wake trails go missing during certain camera angles
  • Villager could be named Martin
  • Tutorial not using rebinded camera panning keys
  • Thin bridges showing in all the build menu filters
  • Node display particle is gross since new renderer
  • Villagers could get stuck on Smelter, Trapper platforms
  • Corpse pile node choice results for Eat, Ignore were flipped
  • Fires, some lights still too bright in other cities
  • Removed Martin

You can read more about the patch notes here.

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