BTS World Chapter 9 Offers New Story

New story is here.
New story is here. Netmarble

BTS World released its Chapter 9 update which adds the new story "The Most Beautiful Moment in Life." This new update also brings with it Styling Draw Change.

In addition to the new chapter and corresponding new main quests, Styling Draw is now a permanent draw. To access this feature, players need to go to the Lobby, choose Draw, and then select Styling Draw, and after that draw your items.

The drop rate for each of the Styling Items can be checked by using the "ⓘRate" button that is found at the top of the Styling Draw screen. You can view the Styling Item Draw Rate Guide here.

Draw Composition Change

The new update also made some of the Member cards that are usually accessed through the draw event to be added to the regular Gems Draw items. In addition, some of the Draw Ticket products that are acquired after the maintenance are going to be changed to drop the relevant Member Cards.

Fixes and Improvements

With this update, fixes include:

  • Locked cards were shown as unlocked in the Photo Album after the card was upgraded.
    • The error in both of these issues is that the cards were incorrectly marked. Even though the card may have been marked as unlocked, it remained locked as intended.
  • Attempting an exchange in the Photo Album with a card incorrectly marked as unlocked would result in the game crashing.

Special Event

If you haven't heard, there is also a Special Rate UP Draw Event in order to celebrate the release of the new ‘DOPE 5★ Cards' in the Hyung Line. You have to hurry though, as this special event only lasts until this Wednesday, November 7 at 12:00 AM.

The event includes:

  • All 5★ Member Cards are available through Draw
    • Normal Gems Draw
      • 5★ Card 1%
    • Hyung Line Rate UP Draw Event
      • 5★ Card 2%
  • New ‘DOPE’-themed 5★ Event Member Cards
    • DOPE RM
    • DOPE Jin
    • DOPE j-hope
  • 3★-5★ Hyung Line Member Cards (excluding the 4 new DOPE Line Cards) are available through the Draw Event.

As a reminder, the four ‘DOPE’ Event Member Cards can only be obtained through the 'Hyung Line Rate UP Draw Event' event period. In addition, Member Cards that aren't a part of the 'Hyung Line Rate UP Draw Event' can also appear.

You can view details of this event here.

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