Bright Memory Infinite Patch Brings DLSS 3 Support; Studio Announces New IP

Bright Memory Infinite
Bright Memory Infinite FYQD Studio

There is a lot to cover about Bright Memory Infinite and its developer FYQD-Studio. The studio announced via a recent blog that it is working on a brand-new IP, currently in the design phase expected to end in two months. The blog also revealed that the major Japanese video game magazine Famitsu awarded Bright Memory Infinite with a Gold Award.

Bright Memory Infinite Gold Award
Bright Memory Infinite Gold Award FYQD-Studio

This is great news for the small studio, but that’s not all. The developer also released a new update today that brought new features and changes.

Bright Memory Infinite is now one of the very few games that support NVIDIA DLSS 3. However, to use it, you will need an RTX 4000 series graphics card. More info about the DLSS and its hardware requirements are mentioned below.

Technical Update
  • NVIDIA DLSS 3 Support
  • Can coexist with DLSS 2.3
NVIDIA DLSS 3's “Frame Generation” Support
  • Requirements for DLSS 3
  • RTX40 graphics board and latest driver
  • Windows 10 version 21H2 and above
  • Select "Display" from the Windows 10 settings, then select "Graphics settings" and then turn "Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling" on
  • Select DX12 Mode after launching game
  • NVIDIA DLSS's “Sharpness” support
  • NVIDIA DLSS's “Super Resolution” support
  • Optimized unnecessary calculation data when firing weapon to improve CPU efficiency
  • Added D-pad support for menu navigation
  • Fixed issue in "Close Call" where the final plane disappears if the player doesn't use the grapple to move towards it within 60 seconds
  • Fixed issue where if the game is paused while the controller is vibrating, the controller will continue to vibrate in the pause menu
  • Fixed issue where if you go back via the B button after selecting "Start from selected scene", "New Game" is selected instead of "Start from selected scene"
  • コ Fixed issue where incorrect text is displayed if player spams button to deselect skill in Skill Enhancement Menu (only when playing with controller)
  • Fixed issue where character repels enemy fire even without defending after repelling enemy fire by defending
  • Fixed issue where pause menu is accessible during tutorial
  • Fixed issue where some lanterns are floating in the sky during sneaking mission in "Surrounded"

You can check out the Steam post for more information.

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