Brewmaster Coming to PC and Consoles September 9

Prepare to be a master.
Prepare to be a master. Auroch Digital

There are many simulator games available, so what’s one more right? This time, it’s all about brewing your dream beer and becoming the ultimate homebrewer. Brewmaster is a realistic beer brewing simulator launching this September 9 on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch.

The game is developed by Auroch Digital and offers a genuine beer brewing simulator where both beginners and beer aficionados get the chance to master the art of homebrewing. The game has players try to perfect chemistry-driven brewing techniques from bottling to labeling.

Features of the game include:

  • Use a huge range of ingredients and equipment to brew different beer styles, and learn the process from start to finish.
  • Players can come up with their very own recipe and create the beer of their dreams with a thorough, true-to-life simulation of brewing chemistry.
  • Turn passion, precision, and preparation into progress. Players can join competitions, fulfill job requests, unlock better equipment, and grow their reputation as master brewer.
  • ​Players can customize their beers by designing labels and creating their own brands.
  • Players can make the brew space their own with a wide range of unlockable cosmetics.
  • Chill out in a relaxing sandbox mode.
  • Share recipes with other players through the Steam Workshop.

In a statement, Auroch Digital Marketing and Communications Director Jemima Crow shared that they are happy to have revealed the game's release date. She added that the game is a result of their passion for the craft, and the goal was to offer an authentic and immersive look into the homebrewing process. They're excited for players to start brewing next month.

Meanwhile, Fireshine Games Senior Product Manager Katie Clark revealed that the game is a wholesome sim, and they're excited for players to experience it. She added that they knew Auroch had developed a simulation that players love after the positive response received during the alpha playtest and demo.

What do you think? Ready to start your homebrewing business? Brewmaster is priced at $17.99 with a 10% discount available during the first week of launch.

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