'Breath Of The Wild' Zora Armor Guide: Where To Get Zora Armor, Helm And Greaves

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Here's how you can unlock the Zora armor set in 'Breath of the Wild.' Nintendo

From Radiant Armor to the classic Armor of the Wild set, Link rocks tons of different outfits while journeying through Breath of the Wild. The Zora Armor, which is made from dragon scales is one of Link's more interesting sets. The armor also improves Link's swimming speed and also enables our hero to use Spin Attack. Here's how you can find the Zora Armor in Breath of the Wild.

In the Breath of the Wild main quest "Free the Divine Beasts," you'll encounter beast Vah Ruta of Zora in the south-easternmost waypoint on your map. But first, you'll speak with the Zora King Dorephan and Prince Sidon, who will assist you on your quest by rewarding you with the first piece of Zora Armor. However, you'll still need to find the Zora Helm and Zora Greaves yourself.

The Zora Greaves are also located in Zora's Domain. Talk to Leflat by a platform and she'll tell you she wants a picture of a Lynel creature spotted at the top of Ploymus Mountain. This sidequest will take you back to the area you went to retrieve Shock Arrows for the Divine Beasts quest. You'll receive the Zora Greaves once you return to Leflat with a photo of a Lynel.

For the Zora Helm, you must head to Toto Lake, which is located at the northern tip of Zora's Domain. Swim north from the domain and you'll arrive at a massive waterfall. Equip the Zora Armor to improve your swimming and swim up two sets of waterfall. You will arrive at a lake to find flooded ruins. Climb the brick wall on the right and look back at the ruins to find a treasure chest. Use magnesis rune to pull the chest from the water to get your hands on the Zora Helm.

Check out the Breath of the Wild Zora Armor gameplay guide from YouTuber BeardBear in the video below:

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