'Breath Of The Wild' Snow Bowling Trick: Easy Rupee Farming Earns 280 Rupees Every Minute

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Breath of the Wild Snow Bowling
Learn how to get strikes snow bowling in 'Breath of the Wild' TJ / YouTube screencap

Just because Link is the Kingdom of Hyrule's only hope against Calamity Ganon doesn't mean our hero can't find time for recreation. Breath of the Wild is full of side quests and puzzles to explore, including a fun Snow Bowling mini-game.

Snow bowling in Breath of the Wild is located in the Tabantha Tundra, which is on the northwest section of the map. But before you head over to the chilly area, be sure to dress warm – we recommend equipping cold-resistant gear like a Warm Doublet or Snow Boots.

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Breath of the Wild Snow Bowling
Learn this rupee farming snow bowling trick in 'Breath of the Wild.' Photo: Nintendo

Fast travel to Hebra Tower and make your way north to Pondo’s Lodge. You’ll find an interesting fellow named Pondo nearby some wooden totem poles. Give Pondo 20 rupees and he’ll let you roll two giant snowballs down the hill towards the totem poles.

If you hit a strike with the very first snowball, then you’ll earn a Blizzard Rod. However, if your inventory is full or if you earn strikes in following tries, then Pondo will reward you with a Gold Rupee, worth 300 rupees. A spare earns a Silver Rupee, nine pins earn a Purple Rupee, and eight pins will earn a Red Rupee.

As far as Breath of the Wild rupee farming is concerned, knocking down totem poles with a snowball seems to be a pretty easy, mild way to earn money. Simply pay Pondo 20 rupees a turn, and practice your throw until you can consistently nail a strike. Many players have shared different methods to get a strike in Snow Bowling. However, YouTuber TJ’s approach may be our favorite. Stand directly behind Pondo, let the snowball drop and immediately shift Link to the right. Once it starts to roll down the hill, the snowball will give you a soft nudge before it rolls down the center of the poles almost every time.

Check out the Breath of the Wild snow bowling guide in the video below:

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