'Breath of the Wild' Horses Are Useless And Need Fixing

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zelda breath of the wild horses
Horses and other animals can help Link on his journey in 'Breath of the Wild.' Nintendo

Breath of the Wild is amazing. Like many other gamers I’m an open world junkie and always crush hard on games that force me to ignore sleep and healthy meals and human relationships because they’re so addictive. But my Breath of the Wild honeymoon phase is ending, and although I still love BotW I’m starting to see its flaws. And topping my list is this: Breath of the Wild horses are useless and need to be fixed.

Why Breath of the Wild Horses Are Useless

At first, horses looked great. In the trailers and gameplay footage it was easy to imagine Link and Epona cruising across Hyrule as equal partners in a grand adventure. The adventure is there in BotW , but the need for a horse is not. My experience using horses has been limited to riding them until I encounter something interesting, which is about 90 seconds.

What is so interesting I hop off my horse? Just about everything in Breath of the Wild . There’s always something to stop and collect, from critters to ingredients, or maybe a Korok seed puzzle. There’s lots of combat, and monster parts and spare arrows are too useful to pass up. Or there’s the verticality. Breath of the Wild has a fantastic climbing mechanic that puts the horses to shame. Travelling medium-distances generally means climbing a few cliffs, something your horse cannot handle.

Worse, your horse whistle does basically nothing. Horses don’t just warp in next to you no matter where you are, like they do in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt . I understand wanting to maintain some semblance of realism, but this is just a major inconvenience. Especially for a feature Nintendo dubbed so essential it got its own button in the controller layout. I don’t know about you, but I would’ve got a lot more use out of a “consume item” hotkey instead.

How To Fix Horses In BotW

Horses could be so much better. For starters, Nintendo needs to just rip that horse warp mechanic straight from The Witcher 3 so that my horse appears near me wherever I am. This will make those treks where you have to hop off a horse to climb a small cliff, only to get to the top and find another big field in front of you, less tedious. I don’t see how you could say it offers an unfair advantage either, given the size of the game.

It’d also be great if we could get some kind of item or mechanic that allows you to gather stuff easily on horseback. I’m thinking of something like the bug catching net, a staple in several Legend of Zelda games. Getting to swing a net towards an ingredient or critter along the ground instead of dismounting will significantly increase the travel time, and make me a lot less likely to get off my horse and lose interest in it altogether.

And while I’m wishlisting things, horses should fly. Maybe not all horses, but maybe A horse that can glide with you. Or an upgrade to the glider that lets me take my horse down mountains. Something to address the disconnect between wide open spaces and purple mountains majesty.  Oh, and let us stable bears, moose, elk and other interesting mounts. If I can tame a bear to ride I should be able to keep it in a stable and ride that bear whenever I want.

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