'Breath Of The Wild' Eighth Heroine Guide: How To Get Sand Boots And Snow Boots [VIDEO]

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Breath of the Wild: Link goes for a ride on his shield. (c) Nintendo

The Hyrule map in Breath of the Wild is the largest yet in the Zelda franchise, which means Link will be doing a lot of trekking in his quest to save the kingdom from Ganon. While managing stamina in the arid Gerudo Desert or the bitter chill of the Gerudo Highlands, proper gear and outfits are necessary. Two particularly handy items are the Sand Boots and Snow Boots. The Sand Boots allow Link to maintain his normal walking speed over deep sand. The Snow Boots allow Link to maintain normal walking speed over deep snow. Here's how you can get them:

If you're already doing a quest in Gerudo Town, then you likely have completed the female outfit side quest in order to enter the town. Search for a man named Bozai, who is running around the city borders outside of Gerudo Town. Be sure Link is dressed in the female outfit while doing so. Bozai will ask you to find the Eighth Heroine, located in the Highlands and will lend you his Snow Boots in order to complete this. Simply reach the location of the Eighth statue and return with a picture taken of her. Once you've returned with the picture, Bozai will take back the Snow Boots and reward you with his Sand Boots.

But how will you get to keep the Snow Boots? After the Eighth Heroine quest, Bozai will ask you to look for the Forgotten Sword that belongs to the statue and take a picture of it as well. Once again, the sword will take you back to the Gerudo Highlands. Take a picture of the sword and return to Bozai, who will then surrender his boots and also ask you to go out with him. Silly Bozai.

To learn more, be sure to check out the walkthrough video below, courtesy of YouTuber BeardBear and gamerthatsucks13. One good idea is to take pictures of both the Eighth Heroine and the Forgotten Sword at the same time when Bozai lends you his Snow Boots. That way, you will not have to make the same trek to the Highlands twice:

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