Brawlhalla: Feature to Improve Network Connection Added in Patch 6.11

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Have you been lagging a lot when playing Brawlhalla? If so, a new feature has been added in the latest update that may help improve network performance.

Network Next is a tool designed to improve your connection to Brawlhalla’s servers by finding the most efficient route possible. It continuously monitors your connection and the tool will reroute it when it finds an improvement.

The said tool is enabled by default when you’ve downloaded and installed Patch 6.11. If you’re already using a similar tool, such as an external VPN, you can disable it by typing “use /NETWORKNEXTDISABLE” in the in-game chat.

It is worth noting that this feature is only available to Windows users, so those playing the console version of Brawlhalla may have to resort to other means of improving their internet connection. Perhaps it is now time to shift to a different ISP?

Another notable feature added in Patch 6.11 is the Training Mode in queue. You can now enter the 1v1 training mode against a bot to hone your skills while waiting for a match. The option to enable this can be found in the preferences section at the top-right menu.

Patch Notes

  • In-Match Performance Improvements
    • Improved our graphics precaching step to preload more assets, resulting in a smoother framerate during gameplay.
    • Updated tech-test and improved the -framefix command line argument. This should improve performance and reduce input latency on a graphics engine level.
    • -framefix and -framefixunbounded uses a new rendering mode to reduce latency.
  • Experimental Queue Rematch Feature
    • We’ve added the ability to rematch opponents in the Experimental queue.
    • Rematch opponents up to a best of three!
  • Epic Skins and Crossovers now display their unique idle poses as well as their selected pose if they have one in the Image Render Tool.
  • Added an additional notification to let players know if they have cross-play disabled that it may result in longer queue times.
  • User Experience
    • Fixed a bug where landing on-stage after experiencing a Wall Slip during the same frame a player gets hit would improperly reset that player’s jumps.
  • User Interface
    • Fixed a bug where leveling a Legend up to level 100 would result in the Legend XP screen on the Scoreboard to display “99” to “10.” It will now correctly display “100” with a smaller font.
    • Fixed a bug with post-match Legend rank display.
    • Fixed a rare bug where the in-game rank region displays as “unknown.”
    • Fixed a visual bug with the Ranked textbox in the Character Selection screen.
  • Art and Animation
    • Fixed a layering issue with Nix’s character select animation.
    • Fixed an animation issue in Onyx’s character select where animated Cannons wouldn’t loop correctly.
    • Fixed a bug where the Emoji menu would not properly dim during the short cooldown between sending Emojis.

Brawlhalla Patch 6.11 is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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