Bound by Blades November 21 Update: New Additions and Bug Fixes

Bound by Blades November 21 Update
Bound by Blades November 21 Update Steam

The developers of Bound by Blades released a new update that focuses on bug fixes and some interesting new additions.

New Additions

Mawrakor Jump Attack

The Mawrakor jump attack has been reworked and now boasts better visuals. This attack no longer hurts the player when landing and has been updated to shoot out projectile thorns instead.

Rare Materials

Before this update, Dreamland rare materials were hard to find. But now, the chances of finding them have increased significantly, so players should enjoy and take the opportunity to gather them while the higher chances are in effect. We don’t know if the developers will change their mind later.

Merchant Items

The Merchant items had problems with their descriptions and that made it difficult for players to understand what they really do. So in this update, developers refined the descriptions for easier understanding, key in convincing players to make purchases.

Region Selection

When playing in online multiplayer mode, players can now select their preferred region.

Bound by Blades November 21 Update

  • Pets have been massively buffed, increasing base attack power from 5 to 25 and power increase to +5 per level from +3. (Please feed your pet!).
  • Mawrakor 5-piece set bonus now increases pet power from x2 to x5 (Time to put your pets to work!).
  • Necromata (Extreme version) nerfed via cooldowns (time between attacks).
  • Talys (Extreme version) buffed (her easier attack to avoid is now on longer cooldown).
  • Tower 24 greatly buffed (good luck!).
  • Controller input now correctly works on game start up.
  • Controller navigation issues fixed through all menus.
  • Controller vibration now works again if enabled and if screen shake is disabled.
  • Screen shake & controller vibration no longer occurs when the 2nd player in multiplayer is hit by an attack.
  • Many more localization bugs have been fixed.
  • OriKara bug when killing both at the same time in a tower level would cause multiple bosses afterwards has been fixed.
  • The thicc lamgi at the bottom of the city now finishes his jump animation.
  • Upgrading an item will show the proper increased bonus value in the Upgrade success panel.

You can read more about the update here.

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