BONEWORKS Update 1.6 New Items, Desert Sandbox, and More

BONEWORKS Update 1.6
BONEWORKS Update 1.6 Steam

Stress Level Zero, the developer of BONEWORKS, released a new update that brings a hover ship and a desert sandbox level to fly it in. New additions include items like Junk Desert Chamber, Stapler handgun, and Gravity Welder are now live. There are new achievements as well to make the game feel more satisfying for achievement hunters.

The Hover Junkers Wasp Ship is now unlockable, and the best part, you can take this machine to whatever level you want. The Gravity Welder is used to interact with virtual environments, so it’s pretty fun to mess around with.

Since the developers used assets from their previous VR game Hover Junkers, expect nostalgia from some common features. The Junk Desert doesn't really show anything important in the storyline, but it improves the game's aesthetics.

You can expect more additions to the vehicles and VR section of the game in 2021.

BONEWORKS Update 1.6 Patch Notes


  • The Junk Desert is a big open sandbox map made specifically for flying the Junk Ship in. This map was built with original assets from our first VR game Hover Junkers! Large scale open map designed for vehicle flight testing of the Junk ship and some exploration.
  • Originally roughed out as a level for the main Boneworks campaign, as we refined the narrative it was no longer part of the story. Rather than cut it we shelved it for this update since it still had a mechanical purpose outside of it's narrative purpose.
  • This update comes as a sort of design exercise for us. We wanted to adapt an aesthetic that wasn't envisioned to be fully interactable in the way that Boneworks is to identify potential pain points in recommending Boneworks level of interaction to VR more broadly.


  • Wasp ship - The original Hover Junkers wasp ship is now an unlockable/spawnable item in the game. There was already one in the Tower level although flight times were questionable. You can now bring this flying machine into any level you want.
  • Gravity Welder - This classic multi-tool design was our original concept for interacting with virtual environments. Long before we were confident in our plan for full physics interaction we determined that a "do everything" multi-tool would be the most convenient way for players to interact with virtual environments. The Welder has been updated to function similarly to the DevManipulator however it functions more like a weapon in that you can quickly grab and fire items without treating it similar to a slingshot.
  • Stapler handgun - While we work on updating our core interaction, we decided to try bringing over a weapon designed for an older generation of VR. This process helps inform the future of updating weapons from older to newer versions of VR mechanics for us!

Patch Notes - Update 1.6

  • NEW - Flying Junk Ship
  • NEW - Gravity Welder
  • NEW - Stapler handgun
  • UPDATED - Achievements
  • UPDATED - Various scene collider fixes
  • UPDATED - Various scene performance
  • UPDATED - Main Menu boards
  • UPDATED - Preparations for future updates

You can find more about the update here.

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