Blood Anniversary Update for Brigador: Up-Armored Edition is Here

There will be blood.
There will be blood. Stellar Jockeys

The Brigador: Up-Armored Edition is celebrating the fifth anniversary of the original launch with The Blood Anniversary update. This major update is free and comes with new content and new visual effects. In celebration, there’s also a sale running right now until June 14.

Brigador first entered early access in 2015 and was then released on June 2, 2016. An improved version, which is the Brigador: Up-Armored Edition, was relaunched on the same date in 2017.

One big change that some players are sure to love is that the Blood effects can now be toggled on/off through the Settings. If toggled “on,” non-mechanical NPCs should meet a rather gruesome end. The same can be said for Crater effects. When turned “on,” some weapons now leave impact crates on the ground tiles in levels.

Speaking of Settings, there are now toggles for both Cheats and Easter Eggs. This may be good news for some, however, turning on the Cheats disables achievements. The Easter Eggs toggle, while already on the Settings menu, is not yet fully functional.

Other additions with The Blood Anniversary are:

  • Pilots
    • Three new Brigadors are available for Freelance operations:
      • Warlord Kanta
      • Brother Livewell Cotton
      • MT Foxtrot
  • Campaign
    • Four optional missions have been added to Campaign mode that are powersuit-focused.
      • Finishing any of these missions is not needed to progress the campaign.
  • Vehicles
    • Zed Prime can now be used in Freelance mode.
      • This Ultra-class agrav comes with twin heavy hardpoints.
    • ​Eleven more vehicles are now available for players to choose from.
    • Several vehicles have additional auto-firing turrets. These include:
      • Corvid Rat King
      • Loyalist Monarch
      • Spacer Usul
    • Auto-firing weapons have a separate ammo count in green and won’t affect primary and secondary weapon choices.
      • Players can toggle the auto-fire function on and off.
  • Lighting
    • Before the Up-Armored Edition, the game had different lighting when it came to Freelance levels.
    • The update now includes the old lighting data for these levels which players can toggle through the new “Use Old Lighting” option in the Settings menu.

There are also two new achievements added to the game. This is given to players when finishing new campaign missions. It’s worth noting though that like the Easter Eggs feature, this is still not fully functional.

Read the complete patch notes here.

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