'Blair Witch' 2016 Trailer Tries On 'Descent' Claustrophobia [WATCH]

Don't go into the woods or the Blair Witch will get ya! Lionsgate

Collider got their hands on a new trailer for the upcoming Blair Witch Project sequel, titled simply Blair Witch. Some of the new trailer consists of footage we’ve already seen, but it also gives us an expansive look at a single sequence, playing out part of the scene as it likely does in the movie.

The scene involves an unfortunate woman pushed through some sort of escape hatch into a narrow underground tunnel. She quickly gets trapped. The moment feels similar to something from The Descent, the terrifying 2005 movie that played on our claustrophobia with an expert eye for cramped spaces and that terrifying moment where you realize you’re well and truly stuck.

Give the new trailer for Blair Witch a watch, if you can stand tight spaces:

While this new Blair Witch sequel has already drawn some rave reviews and a great deal of hype surrounding its Sept. 16 release date, this doesn’t look all that scary yet. So far it looks very much in the mold of the original Blair Witch Project. Still, if anyone can bring a powerful and innovative new horror vision to screen, it’s director Adam Wingard and writer Simon Barrett, who previously teamed up for You’re Next and The Guest.

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