Of Blades & Tails Update 0.13.0: Treasure Hunt and Reworked Health Recovery

Of Blades & Tails Update 0.13.0
Of Blades & Tails Update 0.13.0 Steam

Of Blades & Tails recently received an update that introduced Treasure Hunt and Talisman. Also, the developer has reworked health recovery and delivered fixes for several in-game issues.

Treasure Hunt

Now, players can collect Map Fragments and assemble a Treasure Map with the help of a Cartographer. The developer has added new Cartographer NPCs to all settlements to provide players with information about treasure hunting. The map provides location clues to find a treasure chest, which contains new rewards.


The latest update features the new equippable item called Talisman, a reward from treasure hunting. In addition, Talismans have new item mods, which can affect a talent's SP/MP cost, cooldown, and efficiency.

Of Blades & Tails Update 0.13.0

Game World
  • You will now receive Exp for discovering a new location.
  • You will now receive Exp for gathering herbs and similar resources.
  • You will receive Exp for a successful treasure hunt.
Health Recovery and Balancing
  • Medicinal Herbs now heal 20% instantly when consumed and will slowly (5% per turn) regenerate up to 100% when out of combat. This effect will last for around 200 turns. You won't be able to consume another Medicinal Herb while this effect lasts. Instead you can consume a potion for another in-combat burst heal.
  • The amount of Medicinal Herbs that can be found in other cases than gathering has been slightly reduced. This is due to the fact that you simply won't require as much of them as before.
  • Recovery Herbs will regenerate 10% health for 10 turns, in and outside of combat. Similar to Medicinal Herbs you can only consume one at a time,
  • Starting items in the Fox Village have been adjusted for an easier start.
  • Fixed a bug where the thief in Immerfurt could get stuck on his nightly foray.
  • Fixed a problem where spider hatchlings attacked turrets in dungeon trap rooms.They will now ignore turrets but are still hostile to the player and other bandits.
  • Fixed an issue with doubled attribute stat application after upgrade of an already equipped item.
  • Fixed a potential issue with enemy pathing in alert state after knockback.
  • Fixed a problem with the reward of the herb delivery quest in Immerfurt.

You can read more about the patch notes here.

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