Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition Various Quality-of-Life Changes Added in Game's First Update

Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition
Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition Steam

Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition is a reconstruction of the classic adventure game developed by Westwood Studios. It features an enhanced Knowledge Integration Assistant (KIA), modern gamepad support, and graphical improvements with SMAA (anti-aliasing) and anisotropic texture filtering.

That said, the game received its very first update recently which brought many quality-of-life changes. If you’re playing Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition on an ultrawide monitor, you’ll be happy to know that you can now disable the annoying widescreen borders. It is now possible to tweak the in-game brightness as well.

Apart from that, some needed bug fixes are implemented. The issue where the borderless window setting on PC is not sticking is resolved. Furthermore, the problem where outtakes are not playing at a consistent 60 FPS is now fixed.

You can read the patch notes for Update 1 below:

  • Added missing audio and text localization (video localization to come in a later patch). Set your language in the Game Options
  • Added missing subtitle credits
  • Fixed possible deadlocks and memory leaks
  • Fixed various menus not responding to resolution changes
  • Fixed menu sliders sound loop when dragged with the mouse
  • Fixed McCoy not being able to walk freely in certain rooms (eg. Outside Runciter’s)
  • Fixed subtitles not displaying during outtakes
  • Fixed fog not rendering correctly in certain rooms (eg. Chinatown)
  • Fixed McCoy clipping into vehicles in RC03
  • Fixed green flicker during transitions
  • Fixed items not displaying after loading a savegame
  • Fixed Esper crash when zooming out via the preview thumbnail
  • Fixed various KIA issues
  • It used to be difficult to tell which page you were on in the KIA, now the currently selected KIA page should be called out in the top row of buttons.
  • The KIA "cursor hover" state was not different enough for you to tell where your cursor was, now there's been an additional pass on it to make it much more obvious.
  • Individual clue privacy when using the KIA privacy addon was not obvious, now every private clue has a unique icon next to it, along with a background highlight.
  • Enhanced graphics for KIA upgrade and suspect silhouettes
  • Keyboard shortcuts can no longer open the KIA during cutscenes
  • Fixed incorrect colors in localized subtitles
  • Fixed subtitles changing interface language
  • Fixed audio volume changing during scene transitions
  • Player personality (conversation choices) can be changed in-game
  • Difficulty achievements are retroactive.

In addition to the changes made in Update 1, some exciting things are planned for release in the next patch. One of the most notable is a toggle that lets you switch between videos from the original version and the Enhanced Edition.

Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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