Black Lightning Soundtrack: Songs In Episode 2, ‘Lawanda: The Book Of Hope’

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Check back every week for all the songs in Black Lightning.
Check back every week for all the songs in Black Lightning. CW / P1

Black Lightning episode 2, “Lawanda: The Book Of Hope,” was pretty brutal. Two seemingly important characters died and Lynn and Jefferson struggle to get on the same page about violence in Freeland. Before we get to tonight’s Black Lightning song recap, we’ve also got a solid link to the Black Lightning original theme song. It’s by Godholly and it’s pretty dope.

The episode begins with Al Green’s “Simply Beautiful.” Jefferson Pierce is experiencing some pain during the night and Lynn rises to comfort him. It’s unclear if using his powers normally cause spasms, or if the toll on his body is due to old age.

Next is what sounds like an original song. It has a similar feel to the theme by Godholly, but it’s still unclear. We’ll drop a link in here once we find the source, but the song plays in the scene where Jeferson confronts La La on the gang’s turf. It could be "Power," but we'll have to wait until second watch to double check.

After Jefferson threatens La La to leave his daughter alone and shut down business at the hotel, La La sits in his car singing Latimore’s “Let’s Straigten It Out. ” Except he’s not singing about a woman, he’s straightening out the Will situation by shooting him point blank in the back of the head.

The sensual and addictive record “Make Me Wanna Say” by Josh Lay plays as Jennifer is smoking (yet again) on the roof when her good (and cute) friend Khalil officially asks her to be his girlfriend. The song gets louder as Jefferson and Lynn share the hottest kiss.. like ever...on The CW. Lynn also reveals herself to be a neuroscientist. Yup, she’s definitely smarter than him.

The last song in the episode is “Am I Black Enough For You” by Billy Paul. Jeez this and Latimore, the Akil’s have good taste. Jefferson suits up again to take down La La and get justice for Lawanda's murder. When the doorman asks if he wants to take the elevator upstairs, we get a taste of some of the whoop ass lines BL is going to use. “A brotha needs all the exercise he can get.” He successfully shuts down the Seahorse and La La is sitting pretty in jail. Well, until Tobias Whale swoops in and strangles him to death.

“Simply Beautiful” technically ends the episode since it plays one more time. Anssa lays up wondering about her powers. She heads to the store to grab what appears to be melatonin or muscle reactors or vitamins of some sort but there’s a robbery. Presented with danger, she has a panic attack and instinctually tosses the guy across the room.

That’s all the songs we could catch, though there was something softly playing in the background when we meet Anissa’s girlfriend for the first time. Any idea which song we missed? Correct us in the comments.

Update: Upon further inspection, the missing record sounds like "Rocket Science" by Joyce Wrice & Kay Franklin.

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