Black Desert Online: December 29 Update Adds a New Red Battlefield

Black Desert Online December 29 Update
Black Desert Online December 29 Update Pearl Abyss

A new Red Battlefield is now available in Black Desert Online thanks to the game’s latest update. This patch also implemented character improvements.

New Red Battlefield

For those who do not know, the Red Battlefield is just one of the many PvP modes in the game. That said, Valencia City is the latest entry and it has a different mechanic than the others.

You will battle over five contested areas in Valencia City. Unlike other Red Battlefields where the only way you can score points is by killing others, you can earn one point per second for each area that your team occupies here.

This would allow you to plan with your team accordingly. Do you need to capture another point immediately or would it be best if you stand your ground for a little while before advancing? The first team that earns 3,000 points wins.

Now, under these rules, some people would just stay in one region until they accrue enough points to get the victory. The developers know this is possible, so they implemented a damage and evasion stat reduction debuff around the occupied area to prevent players from overstaying their welcome.

You can learn more about this new Red Battlefield by heading to the game’s official website.

Black Desert Online Red Battlefield- Valencia City
Black Desert Online Red Battlefield- Valencia City Pearl Abyss

Update Highlights

  • Fixed the issue where no MP was recovered when using the following skills:
    • Ultimate: Charging Wind, Extreme: Charging Wind, Absolute: Extreme Charging Wind, Prime: Extreme Charging Wind
  • Fixed the issue where MP was recovered even if no targets were hit when using the following skills:
    • Penetrating Wind (I to Absolute)
    • Prime: Penetrating Wind
  • Swirling Darkness: Fixed the issue where the commands for the skill were being displayed abnormally on the Skill Guide UI
  • Fearsome Tyrant: Fixed the issue where the skill's Push effect (in PvE) was pushing monsters back too far when used while mounted.
  • Prime: Fearsome Tyrant: Fixed the skill description to match the actual number of targets hit when used while mounted
  • Surging Tide, Void Lightning, Roaring
  • Command: Follow: Changed Heilang to now counter-attack if Tamer is struck during the skill
  • Absolute: Roaring, Prime: Roaring IV: Added to the skill description that using the skill will taunt nearby enemies
  • Blitz Stab, Ultimate: Blitz Stab: Changed the skill's area range to match its linear visual effect
  • Sacrum Ferit (I to IV): Changed to match the attack range of Flow: Lucem Fluxum
  • Ninja Evasion: Removed the required Stamina
  • Ninja Evasion: Removed the required Stamina
  • Serpent Ascension (I to III): Made the following changes:
    • Adjusted the attack damage from 3 hits to 7 hits
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