Biomutant PC, Console Gameplay Revealed; Shows Off Massive World and Combat


Biomutant, the action RPG Kung-Fu game by Experimental 101, is a little more than a week away. The developer recently released new gameplay footage of the game. Xbox One and PlayStation 4 gameplay footage are over here, whereas, Xbox One X and PS4 Pro footage can be seen here. You can watch the PC version of the trailer below.

The title will be released for past-gen consoles and PC on May 25. PC players can purchase the game on both Steam and Epic Games Store for $60. But before you buy the game, make sure to compare your hardware with the official system requirements, which are quite reasonable. Check out our previous article for more information. Biomutant will be playable via GeForce Now as well.

Game Length

Biomutant has quite a decent gameplay length. In a recent interview, the developer revealed that the game will be longer than 65 hours if players take their time. However, if they rush through the game by skipping cutscenes and ignoring side quests, then it can be finished within 12 to 15 hours. While it’s not the longest game, I would rather have an engaging experience with decent length than a massive game with copy-paste content.

Initial Delay

Biomutant is the very first game by the new Swedish game development studio. The game was announced back in 2017 and was originally set for release in 2018. Obviously, that didn’t happen and the title was delayed indefinitely. The delay was for so long that fans got worried about the game being canceled. Later, the developer had to come out and assure fans that Biomutant is still very much in development.

Other Games

Biomutant is not the only big game releasing this month. The highly-anticipated Resident Evil Village was released 10 days ago, and the game received a positive reception. Mass Effect Legendary Edition was released for consoles and PC as well. Speaking of PC, Days Gone will also release on PC tomorrow, so there is no lack of good games to play this month.

So what do you think? Are you excited about Biomutant? Have you already preordered the game yet? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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