Beyond the Wire: Update 0.16 Introduces New Progression System

Beyond the Wire
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Beyond the Wire is a multiplayer first-person shooter set in World War I where 100 players will duke it out on the battlefield. The game features period-specific weapons and a melee system that is unlike any other WWI-inspired title out there.

The game received Update 0.16 a few days ago and it introduced a new progression system. Players who complete strategic objectives can unlock more than 450 unique items to customize their soldiers.

This patch also improves Beyond the Wire’s realism by implementing some environmental effects. Players who use flamethrowers, explosives, and artillery strikes will now damage and destroy foliage, and the fire may spread to nearby areas as well.

Another noteworthy change in Update 0.16 is that players now get stunned after their melee attacks are blocked successfully. This gives the defender a much-needed advantage and may even encourage players to block melee attacks more often.

Here are the other changes in this patch:

  • Reworked the XP gathering rate, and adjusted the prices for Universal Roles
  • Introduced “Flamethrower Role” to the German and French Faction
  • Added ability to destroy window glass
  • Adjusted the distance of Château-Thierry frontline spawn points so they’re similar from each objective on both teams.
  • Implement Picture-In-Picture Scopes for all sniper rifles
  • Made available spawns be re-selected automatically
  • Added camouflage netting to machine guns and fortification emplacements to improve occupants' survivability
  • Poison gas now uses volumetric gas volumes
  • Removed sidearms from Sniper Leader roles
  • Adjusted sensitivity for scoped weapons and binoculars
  • Added additional sector 1 spawns on Ansoncourt 1915 GER vs. FR assault layer
  • Added Gewehr 88/05 to German HMG crewman roles for all years
  • Complete level overhaul for Zonnebeke, Séchault, and Frise. With additional level revisions for Combles and Poelcappelle
  • Adjusted minimaps to reflect level changes
  • Reworked Underground Bunkers
  • Reworked damaged farmhouse buildings
  • Patched server crash related to operators leaving HMG or Field Artillery section, while operating respective emplacements
  • Patched server crash when attempting to leave a section, while being spawned in as that section
  • Patched Windmill collision exploit
  • Number of shots remaining not displayed for the Mauser Tankgewehr 1918
  • Adjusted minimap for defending team on Assault, so it appears blue
  • Players not receiving warnings and remain able to use weapons when out of bounds in enemy sectors
  • Infantry receiving the wrong countdown warning when entering enemy sectors early
  • Choosing a new equipment loadout after starting a match, would occasionally default to the first equipment loadout
  • Stopped tanks from leaving collision behind at spawn point
  • Patched tanks from being visible on the minimap and enterable by both teams when unmanned

Beyond the Wire Update 0.16 is available on PC.

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