The Best Deals On High-End Mechanical Gaming Keyboards

Dominate any PC title with five of the best premium keyboards on the market.
CORSAIR K70 RGB MK.2 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
CORSAIR K70 RGB MK.2 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Amazon

Investing in a premium, high-end gaming keyboard is essential if you’re playing competitive FPS, RTS, or even MOBA games. The tactility, responsiveness, and overall quality found in these keyboards will give you a greater edge over your opponents across a number of different genres and titles. For that pure competitive edge, check out some of the best high-end premium gaming mechanical keyboards.

CORSAIR K70 RGB MK.2 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

There are quite a few options when it comes to high-end full-bodied mechanical keyboards, and if you’re in the market for something that’s really premium when it comes to top of the line features, then Corsair is what you’re aiming for. The brand’s K70 RGB Mk.2 mechanical keyboard is easily one of the best full keyboards out there, and is recommended for players who simply cannot part with their num pads. The solid build quality and ergonomics also make it quite the pick for players who are looking for both a decent gaming and typing experience.

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The Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 is made with an aircraft-grade anodized brushed aluminum frame that’s built from the ground up to withstand a lifetime of heavy use. It also comes with 8MB of storage for various hardware macro and lighting playback profiles built in, all of which can be used on the go and independent of external software. The Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 uses the tactile and clicky Cherry MX Blue switches, perfect for those who want a truly responsive keyboard with decent actuation force and speeds. The keyboard also comes with a USB pass-through for other devices, which will ultimately come in handy for a number of functions.

SteelSeries Apex 7 TKL Compact Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

If you’re in the market for something that is more space-friendly, then it’s worth looking into SteelSeries’ lineup of compact mechanical gaming keyboards, all of which offer an incredibly tactile and responsive experience while taking up less real estate. The SteelSeries Apex 7 TKL is a prime candidate, offering premium high-end features and a definitive typing and gaming experience that’s sure to please every competitive player across multiple PC gaming genres.

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The SteelSeries Apex 7 TKL comes with tactile Cherry MX Brown switches, guaranteed for 50 million keypresses and boasting a soft and tactile, yet fairly quiet feel for those who want no distractions whatsoever. The keyboard also comes with an OLED smart display, which is a built-in integrated command center for adjusting various settings on the fly as well as controlling various programs like Spotify, Discord, and more. The SteelSeries Apex 7 TKL is also built like a tank, utilizing an aircraft-grade aluminum alloy for a lifetime of durability and stability.

Razer Huntsman Gaming Keyboard

There have been numerous cases made for optical beam-based actuation as a decent replacement for mechanical switches, and at the forefront of this movement is Razer, who offers a 30 percent shorter actuation distance in lieu of that tactile feel. If this is a fair trade, then consider the Razer Huntsman, a keyboard that utilizes opto-mechanical key switches for instant response actuation. Outside of the typing experience, you also get a ton of unparalleled features that speaks to its high-end quality across numerous genres and titles.

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The Razer Huntsman is built with quality in mind, utilizing aluminum construction in its body and covering everything with a matte aluminum top plate for increased sturdiness and support. The keyboard also comes with fully programmable macro support, including Razer’s very own Hypershift that allows for all keys and keypress combinations to be remapped for executing various complex commands. The Razer Huntsman comes with a guarantee of up to 100 million clicks and two years of manufacturer warranty, which is easily double most of what other mechanical keyboards have to offer.

Akko X Ducky One 2 60% RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Going smaller than compact mechanical keyboards is not a bad idea for some, especially since a lot of players have grown to appreciate the minimalist aesthetic that can be found with some high-end setups. For these purposes, the go-to has always been 60% mechanical gaming keyboards, and in that group Ducky keyboards have always been the standouts. The Akko X Ducky One 2 is arguably the best 60% RGB mechanical gaming keyboard out there, and with that title comes a premium quality that will surely speak to those who only want the best for their rigs.

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The Akko X Ducky One 2 comes with Cherry MX Brown switches with PBT double-shot seamless keycaps. This gives the keyboard a great typing and gaming feel, with incredible tactility and responsiveness to boot. The switches are also fully replaceable, giving you a lot of options to tinker with the keyboard for a truly personalized experience. The keyboard supports Ducky Macro through hardware, which lets you personalize functions as you see fit. The Akko X Ducky One 2 also comes equipped with a detachable USB Type-C cable for easy storage and complete portability.

Logitech G Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

In terms of peripherals, Logitech still takes the cake for some of the best premium offerings when it comes to ultra-portable mechanical gaming keyboards. The Logitech G Pro is probably one of the best keyboards you can get right now, and for an actually decent price. This keyboard is the safest bet if you’re going high-end, and it’s also easily the most affordable, but that affordability speaks volumes to its overall quality when it comes to tactility, responsiveness, and overall typing experience.

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The Logitech G Pro makes use of durable Romer G switches to deliver a whopping 25 percent faster actuation than standard mechanical switches, making each and every keypress nearly instantaneous from your fingers to the screen. The keyboard’s compact and portable design makes it a great choice for any setup, whether minimalist or extravagant. The Logitech G Pro also comes with its own proprietary micro USB cables featuring a three-pronged design for easy and secure connections every time.

So, what do you think? Which of these high-end gaming mechanical keyboards will you be picking up? Let us know and stay tuned for more recommendations from us for the best deals on the best things in gaming, from peripherals and hardware, to toys and various accessories.

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