Best Builds is Coming to Fallout 76 with Next Update

Get ready to show-off. Bethesda

The development team at Bethesda announced that it's working on a new update for Fallout 76 and it's going to introduce what's known as Best Build. This is a system where players get to submit, visit, and then rate the submitted C.A.M.P.s. It's going to be shared across the wasteland on all Adventure Mode servers for everyone to see.

Players can visit these amazing creations and enjoy the comforts, design, and even the unique tastes made by the builder. Of course, for those who want to show their appreciation when they visit, they can live a "like".

Submitting a Build

How it works is that when a player is ready to show off their C.A.M.P., they can submit it through the Best Builds Submission option. To do this they'll have to open the "C.A.M.P. Slots" list on the Paper Map and then choose the C.A.M.P. that they want to submit.

Once they're in the submission window, players can then take a few photos of their C.A.M.P. They should also place some identifiers so that it stands from the crowd. Once they're satisfied with it, they can then submit the Best Build.

The Best Build is added to list of other players created Best Builds and is populated across the Adventure Mode servers.

Visiting a Build

Once this system is in place, players should notice some new locations as they travel across the wastelands. It should have a blue ribbon on the paper map as well as the compass

These are the player created Best Builds. Players can also fast travel to these C.A.M.P.s in the same way that they go to any other C.A.M.P.

While visiting, players can take time to sit down, relax, and of course, enjoy the experience the builder has instore for them. It's important to remember that Best Builds rotates in and out every hour. That means players should never delay visiting a C.A.M.P., especially one that caches their eye.

Rating a Build

As mentioned, players who fancy a certain build can show their support by giving a Like. To do it, all they need to do is go to the Best Build icon on the paper map and then select "like."

This upcoming Best Build system is now on the Public Test Server so be sure to check it out. The team is also working to improve Legendary Crafting and you can learn more about it here.

Fallout 76 is available for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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