Bendy And The Dark Revival Gets An Announcement Trailer

The Ink Machine lives, and it's come once again to take your soul.
Developer Joey Drew Studios announces a second Bendy game, titled Bendy and the Dark Revival.
Developer Joey Drew Studios announces a second Bendy game, titled Bendy and the Dark Revival. Joey Drew Studios

After months of waiting, fans of the puzzle survival horror game Bendy and the Ink Machine finally get a sneak peek of Bendy and the Dark Revival.

The trailer above shows a considerable jump in Bendy's visuals compared to its predecessors. Certain elements of its plot have been revealed, but not enough that predictions can be made.

Kindly Beast (who is both the developer and the publisher for the PC release) first teased of the new installment to the Bendy franchise on February 10, 2019 through a series of audio recordings, reminiscent of the collectibles found in the original Bendy and the Ink Machine game. By April 14, Kindly Beast confirmed the title to be Bendy and the Dark Revival. Kindly Beast developer Mike Mood reiterated to fans that this would neither be a prequel nor a sequel to the original Bendy game, just that Bendy will return to haunt its fans once again.

The original game, Bendy and the Ink Machine is set in the 1930s. You play as Henry Stein, a retired animator who one day receives a letter from your former employer, Joey Drew. Drew asks you to visit your old workplace, an animation studio, to see something important. Once you arrive at the studio, you are greeted by an abandoned building, except for a lone and strange ink machine in the basement which was installed after you left. Through a series of audio tapes and a number of encounters, you find out that the studio’s cartoon characters have seemingly been brought to life by the bizarre Ink Machine. You soon learn these cartoon characters are malevolent manifestation that you need to combat and interact with in a strategic manner if you are to survive.

Bendy and the Ink Machine is episodic, so we can expect Bendy and the Dark Revival to follow the same plan. Also, no confirmation for platform support has been released, but its predecessor was made available on PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS4, iOS, and Android, so I don’t see why anything would prevent Kindly Beast from repeating the same successful formula.

Bendy and the Dark Revival’s first episode is expected to launch this fall.

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