Update 0.26: Remastered Vehicle and Bug Fixes Update 0.26 Update 0.26

Update 0.26 for is finally here. The update brings a lot of new things into the game, starting with a fully remastered Ibishu Covet.

Reworked Ibishu Covet

The Ibishu Covet now has a different 3D model, reworked texture, design improvements, and many more changes. The fan-favorite hatchback comes with a reworked engine in the middle and a reworked transmission. It also comes in right and left-hand drive versions, which you can purchase.

Motion Blur

In this update, developers launched an experimental version of motion blur, which should make the game feel more immersive. If you dislike the visual option, you can always deactivate it in the settings menu. Update 0.26

Game Engine
  • Fixed how the game determines window resolution.
  • Fixed a memory bug when using certain mods. The game would attempt to use terabytes of RAM, and consequently crash.
  • Fixed screenshot-related hotkeys behaving differently than the respective Photo Mode menu buttons.
  • Implemented Discord Rich presence, it’s turned off by default.
  • Added a more intuitive error window when cannot launch if the game was already running.
  • Fixed Node Grabber being glitchy when trying to decouple nodes.
  • Optimized and added new functionalities for JBeam props to set base translation and base rotation in JBeam/world space.
  • Fixed delay in setMeshAlpha.
  • Added extra logs when some sounds cannot be initialized (helpful for modders while tweaking vehicle audio).
  • Improved the error logs shown when a mod author creates vehicles using an unrecognized folder structure.
  • Improved the error logs shown when JSON files cannot be parsed by the game engine.
  • Fixed logging system being unable to use “Full” log format (it was only able to use “Simple” format).
  • Fixed logging system showing Debug level messages from the console window on the first game run, instead of hiding them.
  • Fixed vehicle-lua often ignoring setting defaults on the first game run.
  • Fixed vehicle-lua ignoring changes to settings until the next time the vehicle is fully reloaded.
  • Improved Lua API consistency: many “unserialize” functions are now “deserialize.”
  • Added extra debug logs when a mod author tries to run LUA code in a vehicle that no longer exists (they used to be silently dropped).
  • Implemented ability to load and unload controllers at runtime via code.
  • Added ability to fetch configuration data of Driving Dynamics Systems from code.
  • Exposed more drivemode data via code interfaces.
  • When spawning vehicles from code, the default ignition state user preference can be overwritten.
  • Exposed transbrake state via gameplay interface.
  • Vehicle acceleration measurements are now available in the electrics by default.

You can read more about the update here.

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