Battlefield 5 Update 7.1 Fixes Weapon Bugs And Add Cosmetics, Patch Notes Here

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Battlefield 5's last major update was released a while back, however, that doesn’t mean that the developers at DICE won’t release small patches to fix some underlying bugs. The latest patch, Update 7.1, does exactly that.

The update is only 3.65GB in size on PC and is solely focused on bug fixing. It also added a couple of cosmetic items that were removed via Update Sprint. K31/43 Rifle accuracy issues have been fixed and the guns are not going to shoot an extra bullet when switching firing modes. The Welrod magazine size is now 6+1 and it acts as an open bolt. The incorrect icon in Welrod Master Dogtag is also fixed. The update fixed the Solder model bug as well, and the soldiers’ model will show up in the frontend as intended.

In the map Provence, the ammo box will not result in players getting stuck. Water on the map are not bulletproof anymore (just like real life). Vehicles from the US team in Twisted Metal – Front lines are also removed.

The complete update 7.1 patch notes are available below and on the official site.

Battlefield 5 Update 7.1 Patch Notes


  • m, no more.
  • K31/43 is no longer able to fire an extra bullet while switching firing modes
  • K31/43 no longer has accuracy issues
  • Welrod now properly has 6+1 magazine size and operates as open bolt
  • Fixed some instances where K31/43 sniper scopes had the German post crosshair instead of the correct Swiss crosshair.


  • Fixed an issue what would cause the soldiers models to not show in the frontend
  • Fixed the cosmetics that went missing with the previous update
  • Fixed the Welrod Master Dogtag which had the incorrect icon


  • Provence - Players will no longer get stuck on top of the ammo box
  • Provence - The water on the map is no longer bulletproof
  • Twisted Steel - Frontlines - Removed the vehicles for the US team within the squad reinforcement menu
  • Outpost - Fixed an exploit that could give a team an unfair scoring advantage


  • General stability improvements

So what do you think? Have you encountered any of these bugs? Is there any other bug that you want fixed? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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