Battlefield 5 Guide: Going Around The Marita Map

Learn more about the Marita map.
Learn more about the Marita map. EA DICE

The Marita map was added to Battlefield V with update 4.2.1. This small to medium map offers a rather fast and intense tempo and introduces players to a mountain village in Greece.

In terms of story, it is 1941 and the Battle of Greece continues as the Allied forces desperately cling to whatever inch they can hold while the Axis do what they can to crush them. Whether you choose to be the one to overwhelm your opponents or try to see if you can survive a last stand with the defenders, the Marita map is unique mainly for its verticality. While it is important to hold the high ground, the map has areas where you need to contend with slopes, walls, and even multi-story homes. The map is geared mainly for close-quarters infantry combat. The Conquest mode, however, does allow you the use of transport vehicles.


As mentioned, the Marita map is ideal for those who prefer close combat and infantry-focused fights. Unlike the other maps in the game, this one has Capture Points that are in tighter proximity. Those who have played the previous games are likely to notice its similarity to the Lukow Pass and Brusilov Keep from Battlefield 1 as well as the Guilin Peaks of Battlefield 4.

Players can choose a variety of game modes for the map including Conquest, Team Deathmatch, and Breakthrough. Squad Contest is not yet available for now.


In the Marita map, players are deployed on a sloping mountain and in the village's cobblestoned and narrow streets. The sweeping vistas are likely to distract you, so resist the temptation to enjoy the sights and remain focused on your enemies as the map has a number of elevated sight lines and flanking opportunities.

Capture Points in the map include:

  • Kostas Farm (Capture Point A)
    • A once peaceful farm where death and destruction now reign supreme. Once you hold the flag, the elevated position allows you a perfect view of the roads.
  • Cliffside Post (Capture Point B)
    • Flag B offers another excellent view and is the reason why the Allied forces have decided to put their artillery here. With this position, the Allies can rain down shells on the valley below.
  • Effyis Bridge (Capture Point C)
    • This bridge serves as the main path to a larger part of the village. Thus it is important to hold this position. Allied forces need to make use of every tactical advantage if they are to have a chance of winning.
  • Old House Vista (Capture Point D)
    • The hill on which the house is located offers a great view and is the perfect spot for aggressive squads looking for a way around the chokepoint that is the Effyis Bridge. Getting this flag gives you a better position on the map.
  • Clock Tower Plaza (Capture Point E)
    • This plaza may seem deserted, but you need to be careful. While this area does give a good amount of cover, it is flanked by buildings with windows that give a perfect view of the plaza below.
  • Path of Light (Capture Point F)
    • Before the war, this scenic path was once a favorite destination of the locals. Nowadays the view is mainly enjoyed by snipers who are lining up for their next shot.


If you want to take advantage of the map and secure a win, you need to keep these things in mind:

  • Marita is a vertical map that offers a lot of elevated positions that come with unobstructed line-of-sight. Players need to be on the lookout for enemies that make use of nearby rooftops to launch their attacks. Always remember to look up.
  • Be quiet and learn to listen. Always remember that enemies are everywhere, so make necessary actions. There are times when it is better to just let them go through rather than attack them immediately.
  • Make the most out of building interiors. You can use them to take a rest or even utilize them to flank your enemies.
  • If you have the chance to get high ground, make sure you do. Just in case, remember that smoke grenades are useful when it's difficult to find cover.

Hopefully this guide is enough to give you that needed head start over your opponents. Join Battlefield V now and give it a shot.

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