Battlefield 5's Battlefest 2019 Is Happening This October

Be part of Battlefest 2019.
Be part of Battlefest 2019. Electronic Arts

Battlefield 5 announced that for October players are can join in with this year's Battlefest 2019. All through the month, there are going to be community events, challenges, and even chances for everyone to earn unique rewards. This serves as a warm-up before Chapter 5 and its Pacific battles arrive.

Each week of the Battlefest highlights different modes and features various challenges and rewards.

Week 1: Tunnel Vision

For this week, the Operation Underground map takes center stage. Be prepared for some close-quarters combat in the train tunnels.

Complete the Weekly Challenge and receive the Madsen MG and the Battered weapon skin of the Rare rarity level.

Week 2: In a Hurry

The second week is all about the Rush mode which is going to be playable for a limited time. See how you fare on maps like Operation Underground. Complete this challenge and get the Captain Hadlow vehicle skin, which makes your Sturmgeschütz IV tank the envy of everyone.

Week 3: Side by Side

For this week, it's all about the infantry-focused Conquest mode. Give this one a chance and play in Rotterdam maps or Operation Underground, among others.

Welcome the Trench Carbine.
Welcome the Trench Carbine. Electronic Arts

Completing the challenges for this week gets you the Trench Carbine. If you're not familiar, this weapon was built, upon request of the Germany army, as a prototype. Its design was based on other popular weapons during the time of the Great War.

Week 4: Fight as One

This week is all about being part of the Battlefield 5 community. To be specific, this is going to be the first Battlefield 5 community mission.

The goal? Score 100,000,000 kills or assists. Yes, you read that right.

Why use 1 when you can have 2 rockets?
Why use 1 when you can have 2 rockets? Electronic Arts

Why take up the challenge, you ask? Once completed, you get the Fliegerfaust. This portable anti-aircraft launcher can fire two salvos of unguided rockets and destroy enemy planes. Talk about two rockets being better than one.

That’s not all since logging into Battlefield 5 during Battlefest gets you the Battlefest Emblem. Hurry up and join the battle.

Earn the Battlefest Emblem.
Earn the Battlefest Emblem. Electronic Arts
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