Battlefield V Introduces Al Sundan In Latest Update, Brings Changes to Pistols

Latest update 4.6 is here.
Latest update 4.6 is here. Electronic Arts

Battlefield V officially introduces the Al Sundan map for Conquest and Breakthrough with its latest 4.6 update. In addition to the usual improvements and fixes to improve the Battlefield experience, there are also balance changes for weapons, particularly on Pistols. The update also brings changes to the icons and helps players get more awareness in terms of Health, Ammo, and Repair opportunities.

As already mentioned, the Al Sundan map is available for both Breakthrough and Conquest with the default FOV set to match other MP maps. With update 4.6, new weapons and gadgets will be deployed throughout October like the Trench Carbine, Madsen MG, and the Fliegerfaust, among others.

Pistol Improvements

In addition, the new update makes adjustments to the behavior of players who are firing when prone and introduces a balance pass on sidearms. Battlefield V also increased the damage to make them more attractive gameplay options rather than using pistols as close range finishers. The changes are:

  • Ruby
    • Increased 4 hit kill range from 7 to 12 m
    • Increased 5 hit kill range from 12 to 22 m
    • Above 22 m, the Ruby needs no more than 8 bullets to kill a player at Range
  • P08 Pistol, P38 Pistol, Repetierpistole M1912
    • Increased 4 hit kill range from 12 to 22 m
    • Above 22 m, these Pistols need no more than 7 bullets to kill a player at Range
  • M1911
    • Increased 3 hit kill range from 7 to 12 m
    • Increased 4 hit kill range from 12 to 22 m
    • Above 22 m, the M1911 need no more than 7 bullets to kill a player at Range
  • Mk VI Revolver
    • Decreased 3 hit kill range from 30 to 22 m
    • Decreased 4 hit kill range from 50 to 30 m
    • Now turns into a 6 hit kill starting at 50 m

Interface and Experience Changes

An important change that came with the update is the interface and experience improvements. This update in particular improves the readable information displayed to players on the screen during gameplay. With this, players are better aware of places as well as those that can serve as support or are in need of assistance. Among the many changes are:

  • As a non-medic, when low on health or when requesting health (through comrose or “spotting” a friendly medic player):
    • Nearby friendly medic players show on the minimap with a blinking health icon.
    • Nearby friendly health crates and health stations blink on the minimap.
    • Relevant nearby health sources world icons become sticky to screen edge and show distance to the ammo source (medics, health crates, health stations).
    • Friendly medic players are easier to identify in the world, their kit icon becomes visible from further away, and the distance to them is also visible.
  • As a medic:
    • Players that are low on health passively show a “Request health” icon in the world and minimap up to 18m away, this distance also matches the Bandage throw distance.
    • Players that request health by spotting a friendly medic or using the comrose command increase the distance visibility of that icon allowing medics to see the request up to 40m away.

You can view the complete list of changes here.

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