Battlefield 2042: Game Plagued with Issues Days Before Launch

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EA has allowed players who purchased certain versions of Battlefield 2042 to try the game via Early Access. Just when everything looks ready to go, it is unfortunately riddled with plenty of bugs: ranging from crashes to game freezes. They might not be ironed out in time before its launch this week.

Gamers Experience Issues Before Launch

Battlefield 2042 is going to support multiple platforms, such as PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. Those who were playing the game early on the Xbox have experienced a lot of issues.

User @Slipknot_AUT said that their console would just shut down while playing the game for several minutes or an hour. They added that this experience was similar to F1 2021 and FIFA 22 where no one from EA has provided anything useful to solve the problem.

Another user said that even if they didn’t experience their console shutting down, the game did freeze after a couple of minutes before sending them back to the home screen.

User lionking7001 has a different problem. The game didn’t crash on them, but they experienced serious stuttering and rubberbanding. They went on to say that their Xbox Series X struggles to keep the game running flawlessly. This is pretty concerning, especially with the good specs on Series X.

The overall sentiments on the official forum are identical to those on Reddit. Redditor @natedoggcata shared that they were only able to play two full matches, and the others have been nothing “but disconnects and crashes.”

While most players had experienced nothing but problems, there were some who enjoyed their time playing the Early Access. Redditor @yes_yta said that even though they had trouble getting into matches, the game was running fine for the most part. They were enthralled by the graphics and everything looked impressive.

Another user played for eight hours with their buddy and has never experienced a single crash.

In other news, the game will not have voice chat when it launches on November 19, according to an article. Developer DICE did not disclose any specific reason for its exclusion, but it may be introduced in the future after the title’s release.

Were you able to try Battlefield 2042 last week? If so, have you experienced any issues during your playthrough?

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