Battlefield 2042: Eliminate Enemies Using These New Weapons in Update 3.0.0

Update 3.0.0
Update 3.0.0 EA

Battlefield 2042’s third season has begun. That said, players have new weapons to play with in Update 3.0.0.

New Weapons

Rorsch MK-4
Rorsch MK-4 EA

The first weapon of the bunch is the Rorsch MK-4, a highly versatile weapon due to its ability to swap to different configurations on the fly. Players can utilize its charged projectile to eliminate enemies with one shot. They can also set this railgun to full auto or burst fire mode, perfect for close-quarter engagements.


The second weapon is another unique gun due to its unusual Bullpup configuration. The NVK-P125 is a sidearm that is meant to kill enemies at medium distances.


Those who prefer using shotguns might like to get their hands on the new NVK-S22. This dual-barreled, semi-automatic shotgun boasts impressive firepower - all wrapped up in one compact package.

Vault Weapons


Update 3.0.0 for Battlefield 2042 brings two new vault weapons as well. Fans of Battlefield: Bad Company and Bad Company 2 will be familiar with the XM8 - a 100-round light machine gun that reloads faster than other weapons in its class, thanks to its Beta-C magazine. This gun has minimal recoil, which is why it is perfect for medium-range encounters.

A-91 EA

Those who have played Battlefield Play4Free and Battlefield 3 might have some experience with the A-91. This relatively small assault rifle is pretty good in most situations, so long as players can keep its horizontal recoil under control.


  • Pressing the ping button once will no longer place a location ping, but instead check for targets such as soldiers, vehicles or objects near the point of that placed ping.
  • If a threat is within the radius, it will immediately ping or spot that target for a duration of time.
  • Spots are shared with the team, while pings are shared with your squad.
  • Pressing the ping button twice in a row will still place a danger ping in that location.
  • Contextually, pinging targets no longer have any input delay.
  • Repeatedly pressing the ping button without the system finding any targets will incur a short cooldown which will prevent spotting.
  • Fixed an issue where Q-spotting was not working as intended when pinging enemy air vehicles from further than 300m away
  • You will now be presented with a prompt to repair your game installation if the game detects that you're missing files from a patch process
  • Soldier movement when changing directions will now appear smoother through improved animation physics
  • Communication between soldiers equipped with Repair Tools has improved when near vehicles
    • A soldier with the Repair Tool equipped will be able to see an icon over vehicles that are needing to be repaired
    • A vehicle driver will be able to see an icon over soldiers equipped with the repair tool.
  • Added a new HUD option called "Interaction Prompt Scale" which allows adjusting the size of interaction prompts. This option can be found under Display > HUD Icons

So, what can you say about the new weapons in Battlefield 2042?

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