Relax, The Batman Will Have Ben Affleck His Brother Is Just A Turd

Shut Up Casey!
Shut Up Casey! Warner Bros.

Recently, while having a chat with the guys over at WEEL Sports Radio, Casey Affleck casually mentioned that his puffy faced brother would not be appearing in Matt Reeves’ The Batman. As you might have imagined, despite living in the geopolitical equivalent of the diner scene at the end of Pulp Fiction, ( “Tell Kim Jong to be COOL!”) the internet mobs had time to collectively lose their shit about Ben Affleck maybe not playing a superhero. Well relax lamb chops, because apparently, according to Casey’s reps, he was just goofin’. Renowned tummy buster Ben Affleck will be the Batman until he’s dead of cirrhosis. Casey’s rep had this to say:

“Casey was having fun with the folks at the Red Sox game-where he threw out the first pitch in support of the Jimmy Fund- and speaking from a place of firsthand knowledge.”

While I can confidently declare anyone that either believed or cared enough to report on the story to be a certifiable “stupid asshole” (myself included) Affleck’s departure would be consistent with reports regarding his disappointment with the DCEU. Despite having made his allegiance to the character and the films pretty clear at Hall H during this past San DIego Comic Con, fans and commentators don’t seem convinced, even now.

Let me make this clear . I am the luckiest guy in the world. Batman is the coolest fucking character in any universe - DC - Marvel and I’m so thrilled to do it. It’s FUCKING amazing..I still can’t believe after two films we have this history with this great studio,” he said.

So there you go pencil necks. I believe Affleck is currently committed to the gig. I think the massive success of Wonder Woman and the ushering in of Joss Whedon (who is reported to have done extensive rewrites of the majority of Snyder’s original Justice League script) was enough to make sure Batfleck sticks around at least for a little while longer. Certainly long enough to star in The Batman , which he is no longer writing or directing.

This is good news. Ben Affleck maybe be an awful husband and father but I’ll be damned if he isn’t good at putting on spandex and yelling a goons in a robot voice. Sud loving prick.

The Batman will be directed and rewritten from scratch by War For the Planet of The Apes , director Matt Reeves, but is yet to have an official release date. Remember kids, don’t believe everything you read on the internet.

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