Barotrauma Caves Update: New Items, New Caves, and More

Barotrauma Steam

FakeFish, the developer of Barotrauma, recently released a new update that focuses on caves and some general changes. The developers have added different types of caves like Forest Caves and Mushroom Caves. These new caves come with various situations to deal with, such as vines, gas vents, ice shards, and more.

A new item, glowstick, has been added to the game to make your adventure across the caves a bit easier. Along with a new sleeping bag, which allows players to heal injuries slowly over time.

Barotrauma update

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed desync when entering a new level when there's a logbook with a very long message in the sub or in someone's inventory in the multiplayer campaign.
  • Fixed very large numbers of submarines in the "Submarines/Downloaded/" folder causing excessive loading times, freezes, and high memory usage.
  • Delete submarines from Submarines/Downloaded when launching the game and hide downloaded subs from menus. The folder is now essentially a temporary folder for storing a server's submarines during a game session, not a place for persistent storage.
  • Fixed crashing when trying to "select matching items" when right-clicking a linked sub in the sub editor.
  • Fixed filename case issues and using backslashes instead of forward slashes in mod file paths causing errors on Linux and Mac.
  • Fixed crashing when trying to respawn a bot in the multiplayer campaign.
  • Fixed server list only showing up to 50 servers.
  • Fixed connections that have the same start and end location sometimes getting generated on the campaign map, leading to a crash when trying to load the campaign save.
  • Number input boxes don't clamp the value until the input box loses focus or enter is pressed. Fixes clamped values being very difficult to edit.
  • Fixed a crash in GetDisguisedSprites.
  • Mission events unlock the mission even if the conversation gets interrupted.
  • Fixed lights on turrets rotating around the origin of the item, not the origin of the barrel.
  • Fixed nav terminal's "velocity_in" input doing nothing.
  • Fixed newly placed coilguns and searchlights not rotating the light sprite in sub editor.
  • Fixed R-29 cargo lights not toggling on.
  • Fixed missing waypoints in Berilia.
  • Fixed docking ports' DockingDistance not being affected by the scale of the item.
  • Fixed KarmaManager's MaxStructureDamageKarmaDecreasePerSecond not working as intended, allowing karma to decrease more than it should when doing lots of structural damage in a short time (e.g. when using explosives).

You can read more about the update here.

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