Bandai Namco To Release Switch God Eater 3 Demo, Version 1.40 Details Unveiled

The Switch demo has local co-op multiplayer unique to the platform as well.
God Eater 3
Details on Version 1.40 and an upcoming Switch demo were some of the highlights during the latest God Eater 3 developer livestream. Bandai Namco

In a livestream last Tuesday, Bandai Namco outlined its plans for God Eater 3. The publisher revealed some massive information on what’s going to hit players in the upcoming free update, version 1.40. The earliest hints given include a new mode called Time Attack Mission, as well as a teaser for an upcoming collaboration.

There were considerably less details surrounding Version 1.40, especially when compared to the recently released Version 1.30 update that is now live on the PC and PlayStation 4. The developers in the livestream noted that they are intent on going well past Version 1.40, and plan to continually release free updates to satisfy its playerbase.

The first piece of actual new content shown in Version 1.40 is the Time Attack Mission mode. It was also shown off in its full glory during the livestream. In the Time Attack Mission mode, your goal is to finish missions within a set time objective, with the results rated either gold, silver or bronze. You also get to see the health bars for enemy Aragami while in this mode as well, which was added in order to make it possible to study how much damage your attacks deal. This, in turn, will give you an idea of the most efficient ways to fight and kill the Aragami, while also giving your possible spectators more things to be excited about.

The Time Attack Mission mode also comes with a ‘Restart’ option immediately available, which is useful if you want to cut down the time in between loading stages.

The God Eater 3 developers also showed off a silhouette teaser for a collaboration incoming for both the Steam and PlayStation 4 versions of the game.

One of the most exciting things to hear about in the livestream is, of course, news about the planned port of God Eater 3 to the Nintendo Switch. The developers announced that a demo for the Switch is coming at a later time, which adds a feature unique only to the Nintendo handheld: a local co-op multiplayer mode.

God Eater 3 is now available on Steam and the PlayStation 4. A planned Nintendo Switch port is in the works.


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