Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition Patch 2.6 - New 64-Bit Support, Bug Fixes, and More

Baldur's Gates Patch 2.6
Baldur's Gates Patch 2.6 steam

Baldur's Gate developer, Beamdog, recently released a new update that upgrades the Enhanced Edition to a 64-bit supported title, which helps improve compatibility with modern systems. However, this comes with a small trade-off as 32-bit systems are no longer supported.

The latest update also fixed issues including game crashes in multiplayer and a bug related to new characters receiving default equipment when joining multiplayer sessions. Developers mentioned that crossplay is planned between platforms, but it would be available until mobile devices receive Patch 2.6.

Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition Patch 2.6

Multiplayer Improvements

  • Area names now display correctly on multiplayer saves
  • Fixed issue with multiplayer character imports, specifically thief skills
  • Added a hotkey for multiplayer chat: hit “T” to open the chat
  • Fixed a few conditions preventing client connection
  • Improved internal error handling
  • Hosts reloading no longer cause clients to get stuck in level-up
  • Player familiars and their stat blocks now load correctly in multiplayer games
  • Fixed error in multiplayer time played information
  • Improved multiplayer troubleshooting by adding a network.log file and a fix to how the jingle.log file resets

General Fixes

  • Advanced AI now loads correctly with character imports
  • Fixed German text font size in the menu for character voice selection
  • You can now disable item comparison
  • Fixed visual issues in map area backgrounds
  • You no longer need to click before typing in text inputs - the cursor will remain active

Abilities, Spells, and Magic

  • Aid bonuses to hits and damage now display correctly on the inventory screen, and the status icon displays on the character record screen
  • Updated spell graphics and fixed saving throws for Bigby’s Clenched Fist and Bigby’s Crushing Hand
  • Breach now uses projectiles and visuals consistent with the other spell protection removal spells
  • Corrected the casting range on Detect Illusion
  • Effects that involve pillar animations, such as Call Lightning have been remastered into a single animation sequence rather than several stacked animations
  • Chaos Shield and Improved Chaos Shield now use graphics distinct from Miscast Magic
  • Chaotic Commands now use the correct projectiles at all levels

You can read more about the update here.

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